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Why Buy A Subaru Impreza?

Updated on July 11, 2014

As a long time owner of Toyota 4-Runners, I found myself in a pinch a few years back when I was involved in an accident which left me with a bad back and a totaled Toyota. Once the dance was done with the good old insurance company, I had in my possession a check for what my Toyota was supposedly worth (yeah, right). Discovering that I would not be able to replace my 4-Runner with such a sad amount, I began the search for a new chariot, and it led me to my first Subaru.

I am a skier who lives in the Northwest, and having either 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive is a good thing to have in the winter. I prefer 5 speeds, and a friend suggested I look at Subarus. I began looking in my area, found many automatics that were way out of my price range, but finally located a 1998 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport that had just over 80,000 miles on it. I went to the dealer where it was listed, drove it, and decided to buy it. After working the poor salesman over, I left the dealership with my new (to me) Subaru.

The Car

A sporty wagon, the Impreza Outback is super fun to drive. It is a black four door hatchback with animal print-looking interior (very pimp). It has a 5-speed manual transmission, air conditioning, and power windows. While it does not have all of the bells and whistles, I really have enjoyed the car. As of the writing of this article, the car has 177,000 miles on it.

The Drive

This Subaru is the perfect city rally car, and is very nimble in traffic. In winter, I put studded snow tires all the way around, and the car can go just about everywhere. I have driven it in some very sketchy winter conditions, and it has performed like a champ. It really shines on curvy mountain roads and smoothly hugs the corners. With the 5-speed transmission, you can downshift and just fly around the corners.

The Ups

Again, the Impreza Outback Sport is perhaps one of the best vehicles I have driven in the winter. Having purchased the vehicle at the beginning of the Great Recession, I have been very pleased with the low maintenance costs, as well as the great gas mileage. I think that I have put maybe $1000 in it in the last 6 years. Like many Japanese imports, as long as you perform the required maintenance, the car will last forever.

The Downs

There is not too much that I dislike about the car, but I wish it came with cruise control. I have gotten used to not having it, but longer road trips kind of suck without it. On that subject, the Impreza Outback Sport is not the biggest car in the world, so longer road trips can be a bit uncomfortable for bigger folks. Being used to an SUV, it still dislike not having a ton of room in the back, but that is the price you pay for good gas mileage.

Being that this is my first Subaru, I have been pleasantly surprised. With only a 4-cylinder engine, the car can really get after it. Will I buy another one? Most likely, but I still have a few years left on this one. Reliable, gas efficient, and not very costly, Subaru has definitely earned my respect and deserves the customer loyalty that it commands.


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    • bnorthrup profile image

      bnorthrup 5 years ago from Spokane WA

      Thanks for your input Vic! Glad to hear you have gotten great use out of your Subaru as well.

    • Victoria Anne profile image

      Victoria Anne 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      I have a 5 speed 2002 Impreza Outback. It has 207k on it right now and still runs pretty decent. I absolutely love my car, my only complaint for Subarus in general is that they are so prone to rust, especially over the wheel wells. Definitely fun cars to drive though!