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Increasing Demand of China Bikes in Pakistan

Updated on April 1, 2016

China Bike Brands in Pakistan:

Nearly a dozen or so Chinese motorbike brands are being marketed in Pakistan. These include Super Power, Unique, Super Star, Ravi, Metro, Eagle, United, and so on. And there is no stop – new companies are being introduced and getting immediate acceptance from the buyers. When compared with the Japanese models, the quality, performance as well as the resale value of these bikes happen to be low. Then what could be the factors contributing to the increasing demand of China bikes in Pakistan? Let’s discover it now. Just read on and you will get a convincing answer.

China Bikes vs Japanese Bikes Price in Pakistan:

It is surprising to note that the price of almost all the China bikes in Pakistan is considerably low as compared with Honda and Suzuki – the Japanese bikes in Pakistan. Sometime, the difference is very huge. There are also cases when you have choice to get either two China motorcycles or one Japanese bike against the same amount. The two-wheelers that give better performance and have high resale value are very popular among all and sundry. Still there are a large number of people who give preference to quality over quantity, i.e. they go for the Japanese brands. They are usually economically strong and can easily afford expansive bikes.

Reasons for Increasing Demand of China Bikes:

There are a number of factors that are contributing to the increasing demand of two-wheelers from the neighboring country. Some of these are being discussed as under:

  1. Low Price – The Strongest Factor: The low China bikes price in Pakistan does not simply imply that they are less expensive than that of their high-end counterparts. The low price, here, also embodies the sense of affordability, i.e. they fall very light on the pocket of the buyers. Obviously, when a personal conveyance is available at an amazingly low price, even those people would like to possess it who won’t otherwise be planning for it.
  2. A Wide Variety of Choices Available: Another strong reason for increase in the sales of Chinese bikes is the wide variety of these brands available at the very disposal of potential buyers. Talking of the Japanese versions, there are only a few companies, namely, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. In contrast, the Chinese manufacturers are in dozens. So, in addition to price, variety also plays a role in making China motorcycles more attractive to the aspirants of a personal conveyance.
  3. Easy Availability: The expensive bike brands have got limited to only large showrooms in the central parts of the cities while inexpensive China bikes have become very widespread and easily available. The dealers have built small showroom not only in the central parts but also the suburbs of different cities. To save the freight charges, the buyers are readily attracted towards them.
  4. Quick Resale: Though there is a considerable drop in a China bike price in Pakistan after its purchase as a new item, they can quickly be sold to individuals looking for a secondhand bike. The high resale value and comparatively low drop in their price, the Japanese bikes are usually not accessible to the low income buyers.

Bottom Line:

There is no doubt that demand for the China bikes is increasing day by day in the country. Many factors are contributing to the success of this trend, including low price, great variety of brands, easy availability, and so on. However, it does not mean that the Japanese brands have altogether lost their market in the country. Staunch fans of Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha are still there. They would never go for a China motorcycle. In other words, they are not willing to compromise quality for quantity. That is why these expensive brands are able to generate a huge revenue and maintain their presence in the country.


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