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Infinity QX70

Updated on April 6, 2014


Infinity's been the luxury arm of Nissan and as such the 3rd competitor within the Japanese segment of luxury car-makers (The other two being Lexus, who're owned by Toyota and Acura, who're owned by Honda).

Unlike the other two, Infinity predominantly ruled the roadster/sports car market with likes of the G36 and G37 (which competed against the Lexus Soarer), until the time they decided to break into the sedan and SUV Market by releasing models like the Q50 and Q70.

In Australia, Infinity was more or less unknown as compared to Lexus until they decided to launch their first SUV here, called the QX70, hoping to land a punch in the world of the Lexus RX SUV or even the Acura/Honda MDX.

After checking out the car for myself, here's what I think of it.


In terms of sheer looks, the QX70 looks like a cross between a Subaru from the front and an Audi Q5/Q7 from the rear - although in terms of size, this car's large and is perhaps bigger than its rival the RX SUV made by Lexus and is also available in a better colour scheme as compared to the RX (which thought technologically pretty advanced, still looks pretty dull).

Stretching out nearly 5 meters and standing almost 2 meters tall, the car's color schemes (especially the metallic blue) and 20 inch bespoke flared alloys certainly give the QX70 some presence - it even makes the Audi Q7 or a BMW X5 beg for some more attention when parked alongside.

With a decent long wheelbase and a generous height between the ground and the chassis, the QX70 is able to handle off-road terrain without much difficulty and is certainly 'tough-looking' not only on the outside but also in terms of capability.


Price and Specifications

The QX70 (at least here in Australia), is available in 3 variants, the low-end being available with a 175 KW 3 Liter V6 engine while the top of the line model being available with a powerful 5 liter V8 which spews 287 KW - there're diesel variants available too but its the petrol models which really give this vehicle some grunt as this car's ambition is to go head to head against the Range Rover Sport and Vogue.

Regardless of whichever engine you choose - this car comes mated with a lot of equipment as standard (reminding us that the Japanese, in this case, Nissan prefer offering you a more well rounded package as against their European rivals at BMW and Audi who do make awesome cars but then sell it to you with an options list at twice the price).

Some of the specifications which come as standard include:

- Fully electric seats

- Magnesium paddle shifts

- State of the Art Navigation System including a 30 GB Hard Drive

- IPod Interface

- Sunroof

- Disc Brakes on all 4 wheels (as against a more traditional setup of drums at the rear)

- Advanced Traction Control

- LED Lights

- Xenon Headlamps on all variants as standard

and many more...

I'm unaware of what this car would cost in America or Europe, but here in Australia for all this level of luxury and equipment, the car's sold at a modest $120,000.00 AUD, which I believe's quite a bargain considering if you purchased a BMW X5M or even the X5 M50d at similar levels of luxury, you can look at paying anything upwards from $140,000.00 AUD.

Considering that at the end of the day, Infinity's backed by Nissan, servicing costs would also be fairly reasonable as against a European model thanks to cheaper labor and cheaper parts.


Overall, I rate this car highly given its looks, power and toughness and do believe that once Infinity expand their presence in this segment more (or perhaps even launch a smaller version of this car like Porsche did with the Cayenne), the QX70 will certainly give a lot of its rivals a good run for its money.

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Infinity QX70 (FX) review by CarBuyer UK

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    • Hackslap profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      No problem teaches :)

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      4 years ago

      Nice car indeed! Thanks for the information and comparisons.


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