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Inside the Funky World of MINI Cooper

Updated on February 26, 2015

The MINI has been around since the late fifties and made a name for itself in the auto industry ever since. The most original MINI is considered a British icon all the way up into the present, with a highly efficient space saving layout so that the majority of the car could be used for passengers as well as luggage. The MINI is known for the 2-door buggy design and has expanded into the MINI marque that's owned by BMW with a line of compact vehicles that has both 2-door and 4-door options as well as a ton of available extras for owners to customize.

Today, we have the MINI Cooper on the streets with the iconic British racing stripes on the hood. The first MINI Cooper model was debuted in 1961 by John Cooper to create a car with a racing-tuned engine and a closer-ratio gearbox that was pretty uncommon during the sixties. From that, the MINI Cooper has evolved into the MINI Cooper we see today, that's full of available options. You could equip your mini with wide arrange of colors, including volcanic orange, blazing red, electric blue, British racing green, iced chocolate, and so much more. You have the option of bonnet stripes to give your MINI the racing look, or even some chrome mirror caps and a spoiler.

The MINI Cooper has got to be one of the very few cars that look great with a mismatched roof. Other cars look silly with a roof that's a different color, but the MINI is the complete opposite. You almost have to get a mismatched roof in order to stay true to the MINI culture. Putting the funkiness aside, like many high end cars, the current generation MINI Cooper also gives you the option of LED headlights and even LED headlights that have cornering lights. For a car that's as affordable as the MINI Cooper, these options are extremely luxurious. Even the standard options are something to boast about, as the heated mirrors and rain sensor make driving safe so you get full visibility if you're driving at night or in inclement weather.

The interior of the MINI Cooper has also transformed itself into quite a luxurious package as well. For the environmentally friendly owners, the option of leatherette seats allows the option of the leather look without actually real leather inside. That's not the only option for seating available either. Buyers can even upgrade to a double stripe carbon black, or a leather/cloth combination of various patterns, including stripe or plaid! Perhaps one of the coolest features on the MINI Cooper is the famed toggle ignition. It's much more unique than even the push start engine, as the driver can step on the brake and flip the toggle to start the vehicle. The MINI Cooper has got to be a customizer's dream, as the available combinations and options are through the roof.

If you're someone who feels that even the factory options aren't enough, you're not alone. The aftermarket products available for the MINI Cooper are practically endless with all of the exterior and interior accessories that could be installed on the car. If you thought that the factory options were overwhelming enough, the aftermarket products available are even more awe worthy. There are all sorts of add-on products you can purchase for the MINI Cooper, from MINI themed floor mats to MINI themed cup holder mats as well. If you wanted to completely give your MINI that special theme, then you have so many options you can choose from. The interior can be decked out so that it's a MINI lover's paradise. You would probably even have enough left over to switch it up once in a while with some new goods as well.

The exterior is also part of the car worth playing with, as you're not limited to those racing strips either. The hardest decision you'll probably have to make is which grille badges to install or which decals would go best with the vehicle. It you feel like your gas gap is looking a little bit naked, you can slap on a gas gap decal for a fresh new look. The fact that there's so many add-ons you could consider, means that there's no such thing as two identical MINI Coopers, unless you allow it.

The MINI Cooper has really grown from its humble beginnings and has made a name for itself in the automotive industry. People all over are catching onto the eccentricity of the car as well as its affordability and reliability. Because of this, we can expect the MINI brand to be a part of the car world for many years to come.


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