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International Auto Shows: What's New in the Car World

Updated on November 6, 2014

The big auto shows are known worldwide for their latest and greatest car showcases, product releases, and technological advancements. Some of the most popular ones include SEMA Auto Show in the United States, Tokyo Motor Show in Japan, and the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. Together, these three automobile shows represent the industry's finest and exhibit the newest the car world has to offer. This includes brand new innovations, future cars, and new technology that's in store for the car world.

The SEMA auto show takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Las Vegas Convention Center every year. It showcases about 2,000 new tools, components, and products as well as give attendees product demonstrations, networking opportunities, and all sorts of vehicle unveiling events. The first SEMA auto show was actually introduced in 1967 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, before migrating to several venues all over Southern California and eventually settling in the arid desert that is Las Vegas. Attendance exploded exponentially, which was the reason why the venue keeps expanding. Booth sales and attendance just kept on going up, while the new products that the industry has to offer is introduced to buyers.

While SEMA is not open to the public, there are still plenty of news updates from the media as well as people who are involved with car aftermarket products that bring some news to the average joe. Every year at the SEMA show, a specific car stands out from the crowd and gathers the attention of everyone. In previous years, there was the Nissan GTR in 2010, Chevy Camaro in 2011, Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ in 2012 and the Lexus IS 250 350 in 2013. This year, it looks like the star of the show is the 2015 Ford Mustang, the iconic All-American pony car that boasts some serious horsepower and torque. In addition to that, there are new products such as LED work lights that make the off-roading experience much more enticing, yet safe.

Another internationally famous auto show is the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany that is the world's largest motor show. The show displays passenger vehicles as well as motorcycles on occasion and occupies 12 whole buildings due to the sheer number of booths and attendees. The show is called the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA) and was first held in 1897, with only eight vehicles to display. In 1989, the IAA started to showcase passenger and commercial vehicles with 43 countries from all over the world attending to show off their newly designed products and inventions.

The recession in 2009 actually drew people towards the Frankfurt Motor Show because it featured what the future had in store for the industry. There were several vehicle options displayed for attendees, including hybrids, electrical cars, hydrogen powered cars, and fuel cells. As the future moves forward towards new technological advancements, we can be certain that the IAA will feature any and all innovations that would greatly benefit the car world.

The Tokyo Motor Show held biennially in Japan is also another colossal car show that draws a huge number of attendees. What's a bit unique about the motor show in Japan is that it features more concept cars that production cars. In 2007, hybrid and electrical vehicles were the star of the Tokyo Motor Show and tons of new concepts for future hybrids, plug-in hybrid cars, and electrical vehicles from the most famous Japanese automakers went on display. Car lighting is also an important component when it comes to safe driving, so upgrades like LED lights, HID lights, fiber optics, and all sorts of new innovations play a key role in the development of many future vehicles.

Some of the most famous Japanese cars displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show included the 1/X concept car, which resembled a Prius, but was only one-third of the weight, giving consumers double the fuel economy. Another featured vehicle included the CR-Z from Honda that featured the hybrid electric concept, as well as a car called the PUYO that was powered by a fuel cell. It seems like many car companies nowadays aim to create cars that are catered to younger car buyers that are looking for something affordable and environmentally friendly. It's fascinating to see how car trends change over the years and observe what becomes the next big thing in the industry. All we can do now is the see what sort of technological car advancements are unveiled and what sort of concept becomes a reality for the future.

Car fans should attend at least one auto show in their lives, and it doesn't have to be an exclusive one either. Just the sheer immersion of being in a venue with like-minded people and new industry goods and technology is enough to see how cars have grown from the start of its invention to the present day. It's amazing how much cars have evolved the future holds plenty in store for consumers and enthusiasts alike. Whether it be new LED lighting innovations or something completely imaginable, one thing for sure is that cars will only go up and beyond human imagine into the future and beyond.

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