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International and Domestic Freight Transport Options for Canadian Businesses

Updated on February 16, 2012

Transportation services

Are you a small Canadian business poised for rapid growth? If you have arrived at this critical moment in the evolution of your enterprise, it is time to implement a transport logistics strategy. A successful strategy begins by understanding your freight transport options. Below are some tips to get you on your way.

Freight Services

There are a variety of transport companies in Canada offering freight transport services and fleet tracking system. Your company is growing and getting your products delivered on time and under budget is critical to your continued success. For this reason, it is best to find an established commercial transportation and freight service company. Look for a company whose international transportation logistics fits well with your long-term growth plans and that uses fleet management software.


Most freight services companies will offer warehousing services. As you business grows, your products will be shipped over increasingly long distances. Having both short and long-term storage options is imperative for the continued smooth operation of your business. As you expand into international markets, your freight service company should offer warehouse options in the ports of the countries where you are shipping.

Leasing a Semi-Truck

Perhaps you are not ready to turn to a freight service. You have your own driver and you are thinking of leasing a semi-truck. You will want to do some research to find established trucking companies in your area. You can use online Yellow Pages or Google Local to find them. Choose five or six of them to contact. Inquire about the different services each offers to see which trucking company best meets the needs of your business. It is important to visit the physical premises of each company you are considering. This will give you a good feel about the place and help you to comparing the professionalism and services offered by these different companies. There are many options to consider before selecting the trucking company you will lease with including:

• Length of contract

• Lease termination options

• Straight-time or per mileage basis lease options

• Have a lawyer review contract before signing to avoid unpleasant surprises

• Test-drive the truck you are considering leasing

• Look for a lease to own option

• Warranty and truck repair options

• Preventive maintenance program

Leasing a semi-truck can have many advantages for a small business. A lease generally requires a low down payment and many companies offer special discounts that you would not enjoy if you were and an owner. By leasing, you will gain experience. That experience will help you decide what transportation options will work for you as your business grows.

Finding the right freight transport option is critical to the success of small businesses. As your business grows, an experienced freight transport service company will provide timely and secure product delivery to your expanding customer base. And timely and consistent delivery of your products will go a long way to build your company’s reputation.


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    • Peter Smith2 profile image

      Peter Smith2 6 years ago from Montreal

      I'm doing business with Trans-plus. They are professional and always on time. Only good words for them.