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Is It Safe For A Person Under The influence Of Marijuana To Drive?

Updated on January 23, 2018

Is It Safe For A Person Under The Influence Of Marijuana To Drive?

On January 5, 2018 I read a article in the Bay Area News group on the opinion page, Letters to the editor, by R.V. Bean.

The title of the article was "Marijuana Use While Driving Can Kill." This article was very interesting because it stated that the lawmakers who legalized recreational marijuana never gave a second thought about how a person can be tested for driving under the use of marijuana. All they had on their minds was the tax revenue would generate from people using marijuana.

I did some research myself on this topic and I did come up with some answers, such as; the effects marijuana may have on their driving performance or operating any type of machinery. Right now there's is no way to be able to tell if someone has been using marijuana.

But, the principal mind-altering ingredient in marijuana , known as THC (tetraphydrocannabinol), may linger for days or even weeks and studies have shown that intoxication can return for no apparent reason, even if a person has not recently smoked marijuana.

Resource: University of California, Berkeley, The Wellness Encyclopedia. The Comprehensive Family Resource for Safeguarding Health and Preventing Illness, Houghton Mifflin Company Boston, New York, Copyright 1991 by Health Letter Association. Page 512


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      Linda Tucker 7 weeks ago

      Right now the side effects of marijuana on the smoker's ability to drive or operate machinery is harder to gauge then that of alcohol.

      Resource: The Wellness Encyclopedia, The editors of University of California, Berkeley, Wellness Letter , copyright 1991