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JDM Car Culture: Hellaflush and Stance

Updated on January 31, 2014

What is “Hellaflush”? What is “Stance”? These two terms have been used and heard around the car scene for the past few years. Hellaflush means the wheels are flush to the vehicle’s fender using the correct offset, camber and height. Stance generally refers to aggressive fitment on a vehicle with the proper height and does not necessarily have to be “hellaflush”. Essentially, both these terms is heavily used in the wheel fitment car scene that everyone is so accustomed to seeing.

US Muscle Car Go HellaFlush
US Muscle Car Go HellaFlush
US Muscle Car Go HellaFlush
US Muscle Car Go HellaFlush

Hellaflush has become a trend in the car scene which originally began in Northern California. Wheel fitment has changed drastically with “hellaflush” taking over and inspiring many car enthusiasts to run wheel sizes larger than what is recommended on their vehicle. You may see some of these “hellaflush” vehicles on the road if you notice wheels are cambered (normally a slanted position) and small tires stretched on large width wheels. There were phases of “hellaflush” as it started as just have wheels larger than what is recommended for the car to how low can you drop your vehicle with aggressive wheel fitment. Hellaflush have been recently promoting ‘Slammed Society’ as their brand. The term slammed means dropping the vehicle to the lowest it can go often making it difficult to navigate from point A to point B. Aggressive fitment on a slammed vehicle doesn’t sound like a good idea but many car enthusiasts decide to take this risk to become part of the rapidly growing trend.

Aside from “Hellaflush”, we have the term stance. Stance is generally another word for hellaflush since it both involves aggressive wheel fitment. One popular blog dedicated to the stance scene is Stance:Nation. Stance focuses primarily on the wheel fitment and how low the vehicle sits. Over the years, the stance scene has heavy competition. Every year, you will see more and more car owners push their vehicles to the limit with aggressive wheels, stretching tires to the point risking a blown tire, and driving extremely low. Most owners achieve a true JDM hellaflush look getting a set of oversize rims, height adjustable coilovers, some funny & unique JDM decals, aggressive lighting such as 10000K deep blue or 3000K golden yellow HID headlights, maybe also add some VIP style LED lights...

One specific country that pushes the stance game to another level is in Japan. In Japan, there are many luxury vehicles that have custom body work performed on the vehicle quarter panels and front fenders to run ridiculously wide fitment all around. What is intriguing is most of these vehicles are riding static without any assistance of air suspension. It is very mind blowing to see this but the Japanese culture has slowly set the standard in the stance game. It is extremely difficult for the majority in the states to get on that same level.

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Urban Dictionary: Stance

(verb) - to adjust a car's camber, ride height, and spacing, so that the sidewall of the tire sits as flush as possible with the fender/quarter panel. A common trend and style impersonated on drift and show cars alike, originating from the older Japanese domestic market.

Now, you should have an better idea of what “Hellaflush” and “Stance” stands for. It is a way a JDM express. Doesn’t it make you think how long this trend will last? So far is has lasted over a decade and this generation is still pursuing wheel fitment in the car scene. There will be damaged under body, broken fenders, broken axles and many other damages that will occur. Although some people are able to achieve aggressive wheel fitment with airbag suspension. However, that would require more money to be spent on the vehicle since air bag suspension is almost twice the cost as a regular set of coilovers. Which route will you go?

Urban Dictionary: Hella Flush

Rims with a lot of offset, stretched tires, and negative camber so that it can sit flush with the fender. Rolled fenders and slammed suspension so low that you can even get into a driveway. May not be very functional but definitely gets a lot of attention from everyone that sees you.


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    • profile image

      Ryan 19 months ago

      Well i think it is stupid. Personally it serves no purpose what so ever. So you can drift easier? Well how about you learn to drift. People always want to add stuff to there car so they can race. But none of them can drive. And the fast and the furious has not once put these crazy camberd wheels on any of there cars. How about adding magnetic suspention hi rpm ranged turbo or rebuilding the engine and tranny and making your car have enough tourq and hp to drift. Then learn to drift.

    • SolveMyMaze profile image

      SolveMyMaze 3 years ago

      Nice hub. Personally, these types of rims aren't to my own personal taste, and they certainly wouldn't look good on my car. However, I'd hedge my bets that Hellaflush rims have increased in popularity over the years in part thanks to 'The Fast and Furious' franchise.

      It's good to know that these are available, and if I manage to get an Impreza, I might just get some thrown on the car.