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Jeepney Philippines - The Ultimate Public Transport

Updated on July 5, 2014

Jeepney's are the Philippines most widely used and affordable form of transport. They came into existence at the end of world war 2 when the US military left them to the locals on their return home.


Step onto any road in the Philippines and you are guaranteed to see a Jeepney. These colorful forms of transport are everywhere. The Jeepney is the most affordable form of transport and only costs a couple of peso to go almost anywhere in the city, Just flag down the Jeepney jump on the back (normally whilst it is still moving) pay the driver and jump off at your location.The locals even have competitions to see who has the most decorated Jeepney they decorate them with almost anything. even the cockpits are lit up with multicoloured lights like some futuristic space craft!

The unique thing about Jeepney's is that no Jeepney is the same. The time taken to decorate the Jeepney is often a lot more than the actual time it took to build it.

Very often the Jeepneys are so full you will see people hanging off the back, people are crammed in like sardines in a tin!

Now if you ever take a trip to the Philippines and do infact ride on the Jeepney below is a easy guide to getting from A to B.

1. Remember that Jeepneys do not take you to where you exactly want to go except if the place you are going is along the route. You should look at the sign on the windshield for you to know where that Jeepney is going to. You will be sharing the Jeepney with at least 20 others, also be careful of your belongings as theft is ripe.

2. When you ride the jeepney you should not pay large bills because the driver may not have the change, Students and senior citizens get 20% discount.

3. The Jeepney is not equipped with a ticket vending machine or conductors. When you pay the fare you pass the money to the person next to you and say, "bayad 'po" (my fare, please). The person next to you then passes it to the one next to him or her and so on until your money gets to the driver. The driver would then pass your change to the one nearest him until it comes to you. Always remember to say Salamat Po (thank you).

4. Jeepneys do not have air conditioning so do expect to sweat in the cramped and humid conditions. When you come to your stop, just say "para 'po"to the driver and he will stop. Or pull the string located on the roof if the Jeepney has one, this will ring a bell and signal the driver you want to stop.


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      Rey 7 years ago

      This website helps Jeepney passengers find their way within Metro Manila.