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Jaguar E Type Original Removable Hardtop for Sale

Updated on January 20, 2011

Any Jaguar E Type (XKE) enthusiast and owner knows that the more original the car is, just like the day when it rolled off the factory, the better.

Not only because it´s worth more but as an all original classic, a continual legacy of this iconic car is what every true E Type enthusiast thrives for. Through the life of an E Type, as it passes during its course between many hands, it could suffer many a changes.

Sometimes changes are made for the better sometimes for the worse without the person even realizing it. This original E Type removable hardtop fits both series 1 and series 2 convertible E Type Jags.

There are a few companies that manufacture and sell after market removable hardtops, not only for the E Type, but for other makes as well.

For more info:

Unfortunately there are a few differences that can be noticed between the original E Type removable hardtop and the after market product.

This 40 year old black all original removable hardtop is in excellent condition. The removable hardtop has got five point fasteners that are all chromed. Three fasteners are located above the windshield and one on each side just next to the side of each seat which in turn are held by bolts. The pieces are shiny and ready to be fastened to a convertible E Type.

*Please read the update below*

Jaguar E Type (Jaguar XKE)

It is known as the Jaguar E Type in Europe and commonly referred to as the Jaguar XKE in North America. Get more information on the Jaguar XKE here.

Notice the rare rear window wrap-around chrome 

All rubbers are in good condition except the bottom rear setting rubber. This one has cracked over time and should be replaced, nevertheless it can still be used.

The upholstery inside is of a light cream color and in immaculate condition.

The rear window glass has got two small short scratches that can be easily treated on this Jaguar E Type removable hardtop.

The black paint on this removable hardtop could use a polish or a repaint.

Three point fasteners above the windshield

Interior cream colored vinyl upholstery

If you´re looking for an Original removable hardtop for your convertible E Type or wish to have more information please feel free mail me at


As of October 2010 I have lent this removable hardtop to a friend of mine that is living in Lisbon. He will go, in the next few months to a number of Jaguar E Type meets around Europe!

This year the Jaguar E-Type celebrates its 50th anniversary and celebrations and E-Type meets will be held all over! In August for example, I know that this friend of mine, his jag together with my top will be at Rockingham Castle, UK for one of the many jag meets!

Lucky guy hei!

So for the time being, I would have to say that I cannot dispatch my hardtop to anyone that is interested in buying it until I get it back and thank you for being patient.


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