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Jaguar XF/R

Updated on January 5, 2014

From the Jaguar S type came the XFR

The XF was derived from the Jaguar S type which was a slow old Hector with no go, granted it had class but it did not have the pace that an executive needs when he is late for a meeting. When Jaguar finally took that car off the production line the car that they put on the line as a replacement was the Jaguar XF. Codenamed the XF250 the car was built to be an executive sports sudan that would compete with the like of the C class Merc and the BMW 3 and 5 series.

The XF was designed in the headquarters of the company in Coventry Britain by a man called Ian Callum. Although the car was announced in 2007 design of the car had long been under way and had started in 2005. The launch of the car was at the Auto show in Frankfurt Germany and the car got off to a flying start in terms of attention. There were major changes to the car in terms of design and also mechanically this was a much better car.

The interior is a much better place to sit in compared to its predecessor, the flush fitting vents that are in the dashboard give it an elegance which has always ran through jaguar. Subtle touches such as the vents opening and the center console rising from the panels when the engine is started also give it a sense of presence. The lighting and instruments keep the feeling of the inside going , overall there is that very British gentleman type feeling that you get from sitting in the car.

Jaguar XF Facelift

The XF got a new face in 2011 after only a couple of years in production to compete with the new kids on the block. The car was revealed at the New York International Show which showed the new look of the car and announced that it was to be put in production in July of the same year. All though this was a fast move the car actually sold quite well and was well received. The differences between the new and the old versions are not large in quantity but they have made considerable changes to the car.

The facelift car come with new both front and rear body and the design has been changed to mimic the original concept car from Jaguar which was was a Concept car. Trim and adaptive cruise control were some of the luxuries added but more importantly under the hood the car now carried a 2.2 liter engine which being a diesel was for those of us who car about the environment as much as we car about our pocket. This was a drastic change as the car now used a 8 speed automatic transmission which was coupled with stop start technology, Preference for those who prefer red lines over green can still be had in the other models which offer the range of V6 and V8 models.

XF models

Other XF models included in the production stick out for one reason or another but my favorite is XFR which was put into production in 2009. This car is one to take on cars like the M5 and that is a big claim because as we all know the M5 is the king of fast sedans and it is responsible for many suits ending up in a ditch because the did not respect the power of the machine.

The first XF was launched in a variety of models and these were mostly very similar however some of the carried more technology and pleasantries than others. The XF Luxury was the fastest of the standard car with a boasting of 3.0 liter petrol engines or 2.2 liter diesel engines.

The XF supercharged which was launched in 2009 less than a year into production due to customer request and demand was one of the faster models. The supercharger was attached to a massive 5 liter engine which had 464 horsepower. The car had active suspension which meant the dampers were always working to keep grip and another technology that would electronically control the differential.

The XFR was simply put a great piece of mechanical engineering from the part of Jaguar and it created a version of the car that could compete directly with the M5 and that is something. The car was produced in 2009 til date and featured the supercharged 5 liter from the XF supercharged but the engine had been tweeked to now produce 500 horses.

In 2013 after the success of the XFR a new model was put into production to further add to the amount of models which were already on the production line. The XFR-S was announced in 2012 and featured the some 5 liter v8 as was found in the XKR-S. The car produced nearly 550 bhp and incorporated carbon fiber into the build. The car was more aerodynamic and with stiffer suspension it deserves the S on the badge.

The ultimate Jaguar XF

The New XFR-S

Given praise by many to be one of the best 4 door sports sedans this car has recaptured the fire that was lost in days of old in Jaguar. Mr Clarkson of Top gear said he would not say that this car was better than an M5 but it was as good as it and praise does not get better than that.

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The body of the car was developed using CFD which are computer simulation dynamics which are a virtual substitute for a wind tunnel as they show how a car is going to handle. It the spend time in the wind tunnel even after going through these accurate tests. At the end of the process Jaguar were left with a machine which was not only one of the best looking sedans they had made but a car that was very stable and a good base for the high performance versions of the car that later followed. The substructure from the S type was essentially used for the Chassis however there have been some major changes to the body as any one that has seen an S type can tell.

With a new era in automotive engineering upon us at the turn of the decade that we are now well into cars will continue to become faster and more exciting. The problem with cars such as the XF is that they are being constrained to be safer and greener to save the planet which is a subject for another day. In terms of what is technically possible these days however , we are definitely pushing the boundaries and doing more with soo much less.


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