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It Is Jeep Season: Take A Fun Virtual Wrangler Ride

Updated on November 5, 2017

Jeep Season (April - September)

meet the Blue Devil for the 2015 season
meet the Blue Devil for the 2015 season | Source
say good bye to Rusty used 2009 - 2015
say good bye to Rusty used 2009 - 2015 | Source

Rising Star (HubNugget) - May, 2012

winner of bronze medal HubNugget in the food category for the week of 5/25/2012
winner of bronze medal HubNugget in the food category for the week of 5/25/2012 | Source

High School and the Dune Buggy

I confess - I love Jeeps. It feels good to get that off my mind as it has been bottled up inside me for some time. Way back when I was a boy, I wanted to buy the free spirit Dune buggy to ride around at the nearby Asbury Park beach. I always thought that the Dune buggy would be my first car. You have heard of the Dune buggy - correct? The sand prone vehicle I thought I could purchase with my first paper route and ride around the half mile circuit which went about from the Asbury Park Convention Hall to the Casino using Ocean Drive as the loop.

Every spring and every summer for most of my teen years I would listen to Bruce Springsteen or South Side Johnny and the Asbury Park Jukes and dream of the Dune buggy. I thought how cool it would be to drive, not even for one minute considering what I would do in bad weather. As the music, seasons and paper routes went by, I soon realized that owning a Dune buggy would not likely become a reality. I went from small jobs that gave me just enough spending money to buy a bag of chips and a soda to medium jobs with more responsibilities. As the jobs came with more responsibilities so did the teen years and before I knew it, I was graduating high school and heading for college.

Rising Star (HubNugget third place)

For the week of 5/25/2012 this hub was nominated for the Hub Nugget award.

Now, in 2017, it is hard to believe that 5 years have gone since I first published this piece. Many times, after so much time has past, I go back and change an article but I then think that it should be left in the original state since that is what earned the award.

Jeep Renegade and Jeep Scrambler

the 1976 Jeep CJ-7 was made until 1986
the 1976 Jeep CJ-7 was made until 1986 | Source
the 1976 Jeep CJ-8 was made until 1986
the 1976 Jeep CJ-8 was made until 1986 | Source

College and the Jeep

During college, as I matured into reality even more, I realized that having a Dune Buggy would not be economical, practicable or even sensible for me. I wondered what it was that attracted me to the Dune buggy. I first thought that by owning a car that I could ride in the sand would keep me close to the beach and the ocean. Then I thought it was the open and free feeling I felt when I saw other drivers riding their buggy. Finally I concluded that someone should create a single practical convertible car that I can drive for every day use and park in the sand. Along came the Jeep Scrambler (first one I remember seeing is similar to the second Jeep picture above). When I saw this vehicle for the first time, in the mid 80's, I knew I would own a Jeep one day. The only questions were when and how much it would cost.

Jeep Wrangler Sahara

1999 Jeep Wrangler Sarah
1999 Jeep Wrangler Sarah | Source

My First Jeep - Sahara

My first job out of college did not offset the price of a new Jeep in the mid 80's so I settled on the Subaru Justy as my first new car. There was nothing flashy about the box like shape of my three cylinder, five speed Red Justy (click here to see exactly what my Justy looked like). It was great on gas but it was not a convertible and certainly not built for off road driving. Nonetheless I knew that the Justy was a vehicle to drive in between Jeeps.

As my next few jobs increased my base salary I knew I was getting close to owning my own Jeep. Following the 1988 Subaru Justy and the 1995 Dodge Neon, the 1999 Jeep Wrangler Sahara was my first new Jeep (shown above was that Jeep just days after I bought it). The 1999, soft top, five speed, Green Jeep Wrangler Sahara was the model of choice and it cost just over $20,000 US dollars.

I drove this Jeep in what I call Jeep Season (the beginning of April through the end of September) for six seasons riding around with the top down and the radio on. One early morning, while driving the Jeep from our Pennsylvania home to my New Jersey work place, I hit a Deer as it leaped a guard rail on route 202N and landed on my tow hook. That pretty much ended the story of my first Jeep as the cost of constant repairs forced me to trade it in for a 2006, five speed, Blue PT Cruiser. It only took two years of driving the retro PT Cruiser for me to want another Jeep.

Virtual Jeep Wrangler Ride For Beginners

Jeep Wrangler X

2009 Jeep Wrangler X - One the day I bought it
2009 Jeep Wrangler X - One the day I bought it | Source
2009 Jeep Wrangler X - two Jeep seasons and many top down rides later
2009 Jeep Wrangler X - two Jeep seasons and many top down rides later | Source

My Second Jeep - X

I did like the slick PT Cruiser but it was not free and open enough for me. In 2009 I drove the PT Cruiser into a nearby Dodge Chrysler Jeep dealer and negotiated a trade in for the Jeep Wrangler X model shown above. The first picture was taken the day I brought it home from the dealership and here are the details of the trade in.

I knew I wanted a Jeep Wrangler and I knew it had to be a stick shift. The problem I had was finding a two door manual transmission Jeep Wrangler. From the Jeep dealer I selected, I found only two of many Jeep models that had this basic criteria. The salesman told me that that historical demand showed that most people elected the convenience of the automatic transmission and the space of the four door versus the manual transmission compact two door. I told him that historical performances are not necessarily an indication of future outcome and asked him to show me the two Jeep models he had in stock.

As the salesman walked me around the back of the lot, I noticed a two door silver Jeep that looked like a six speed transmission. I quickly broke from the line and headed over to the silver two door for a look inside. Looking at the Jeep was like looking at an expensive piece of art to me. The silver model was perfect except for one minor detail. The interior was black cloth which meant I would be extremely warm in the hotter summer months. I asked to see the other two door that was in stock. As we approached the other Jeep, the salesman said the actual color name is called "Sunburst Orange". I said that it looked more like rust to me. I peeked at the interior and saw grey cloth inside complimenting the six speed transmission. Then I took a few steps back and envisioned myself driving this modern day Dune buggy. "This is perfect" I said. So we went inside to price the value of the PT Cruiser for the trade in to, as he said, "draw up the paper work". In about two hours, I drove away with my new 2009, two door, soft top, 6 speed, Rust Jeep Wrangler X for about $20,000 US dollars (including trade in of the PT Cruiser).

All Season 4x4 Jeep Wrangler

I cannot even begin to express how much fun we have had in this Jeep. As the Spring season rolls in you begin to think about all those rides with the soft top down and and the Summer brings weekends of leaving the top off. I look forward to yet another Jeep season riding around with the soft top down and the radio on.

The first video was taken recently on a cool 70 degree day as I exited the New Jersey workplace heading for my Pennsylvania home. For all you hubbers that have wanted a ride in this Jeep (especially Beth100 and prettydarkhorse), the video is for you and I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to giving you the Jeep Wrangler wave if I see you on the road.

The second video was recorded during the Winter season as I slowly drove myself into work.

Jeep Wrangler at 100,000 miles

Jeep Wrangler at 100,000 miles
Jeep Wrangler at 100,000 miles | Source

Top 5 Places To Drive The Jeep

Country or State
Spring or Summer
Fall or Winter
Spring or Summer

Jeep Wrangler Ride in Philadelphia

2015 Jeep Wrangler - Blue Devil

  • select the type - Wrangler
  • select a model - Sport
  • select interior color - Black, cloth seats
  • select exterior color - Blue
  • select interior options - AM / FM, CD, MP3 with Air Conditioning
  • select exterior options - spare tire cover
  • select powertrain - 6 speed manual transmission
  • select packages - soft top
  • select big tires - with a full size spare
  • select a name - Blue Devil

© 2012 mts1098


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    • mts1098 profile image

      mts1098 5 years ago from InsideTheManCave

      Hi mjkearn - I bet a drive in the Ireland country side would work very well for me and the Jeep...Perhaps a Jeep discussion and a pint would also work...cheers and thanks

    • profile image

      mjkearn 5 years ago

      Hi mts1098,

      The Jeep looks amazing and congratulations on Nugget Nomination.

      I won't depress you and say you could have a Buggy cheaper than the Jeep, I'll just invite you to Ireland for a drive in mine.

      Great hub, great pics and I am a big Jeep fan. Voting up,


    • mts1098 profile image

      mts1098 5 years ago from InsideTheManCave

      Thank you Marcy as I appreciate the time to read and comment...Congrats on your perfect hubber score...cheers and have a safe holiday

    • Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

      Marcy Goodfleisch 5 years ago from Planet Earth

      Jeeps are certainly an American icon! Nice hub, with great details. Congrats on your nomination for a Hub Nugget!

    • mts1098 profile image

      mts1098 5 years ago from InsideTheManCave

      Hey Beth...Your first Jeep was quite an encounter for the first time out but it does sound like a ton of fun...I bet the red Jeep would make quite a picture in the summer :) My first Jeep collided with a deer and that was the end of that. I wanted to get another Jeep after the deer accident but settled for a PT cruiser (what the heck was I thinking)...thanks for stopping by...cheers

    • Beth100 profile image

      Beth100 5 years ago from Canada

      Thank you for the virtual ride!! I enjoyed it, though it was a bit short. :D Maybe we can go down the highway next time?? :D

      I have a love for Jeeps too. My first ride in one was when I was 8 -- top down, barely strapped in, climbing up and down mountain sides. We did get stuck in a HUGE puddle. I remember the water was up past the bottom of the door and there was no way out for me. Luckily, we had friends who also had a Jeep who pulled us out with the winch.

      My last Jeep was red. Fire engine red with black leather. I drove that baby through out the summer without the top. Roughed it in the woods. :D Tons of fun! My step son finally put it to rest: face down in a small canyon. That was the end of my Jeep.

      I wanted another, but ended up buying a 300ZX with the glass roof panels. Did I tell you she was a turbo?!? I took this baby four wheeling through the forest but she didn't take to the shrubs as well as my Jeep. LMAO

      Thanks for the shout out -- and here's another case of Moosehead!! :D To summer and tops down!! :)

    • mts1098 profile image

      mts1098 5 years ago from InsideTheManCave

      My old Jeep was like that and I always had a tough time getting the top back on but this one is all zipper. I agree that it is tougher in colder weather and I need to be careful of weather changes but it is all good...Did you get a bunch of snow??? thanks and cheers...

    • BLACKANDGOLDJACK profile image

      Jack Hazen 5 years ago from Blitzburgh area

      Is your top really tight?

      No, that's not a question directed at the ladies.

      I've always had trouble snapping mine up when it's like say colder than 60 degrees. You know, take it down when it's sunny and 70 around noon and at 10 pm it's a lot colder and tough to do.

      No top down yesterday. I put mine in 4WD, hopefully for the last time for about 7 months.

    • mts1098 profile image

      mts1098 5 years ago from InsideTheManCave

      Thanks MsDora - I hope the Jeep top down was not too cold for you :) ...thanks and cheers

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 5 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for the ride, and for sharing with us your passion for jeeps. All the best!

    • mts1098 profile image

      mts1098 5 years ago from InsideTheManCave

      thanks prettydarkhorse - I added you to the virtual ride...I hope you enjoy it :)

    • prettydarkhorse profile image

      prettydarkhorse 5 years ago from US

      I love jeeps and they are beautiful!! Like Beth I want a ride in that jeep too!!

    • mts1098 profile image

      mts1098 5 years ago from InsideTheManCave

      Sweet...Your are correct I can rip around curves and even highway dividers :) I tell you what though...going through the snow is no problem at all...cheers and thanks

    • BLACKANDGOLDJACK profile image

      Jack Hazen 5 years ago from Blitzburgh area

      Mine is a 2005 Wrangler, silver, 2dr, soft top, 4cyl, stick, half doors, all plastic windows.

      I've driven new bigger ones in the past several years, but it's just not the same. The big ones are almost like driving a Hummer.

      Driving a smaller one like mine, and I'm assuming yours, with a stick shift is almost like driving a sports car the way you can rip around curves and stuff. You get the same sort of feel. I've had a Miata and a MG so I know the feel.

      Incidentally Miata owners wave to each other too. But not with the same gusto, and then you got some stuck-up topless chicks driving a Miata who don't wave. Even the chicks driving Wranglers wave.

    • mts1098 profile image

      mts1098 5 years ago from InsideTheManCave

      Thanks of now I do not anticipate another car and will run the jeep as long as possible...good to see you again!

    • sofs profile image

      sofs 5 years ago

      Wow that sounds like a dream come true for you... Your love for your jeep shines through :) Welcome back and have a great day!

    • mts1098 profile image

      mts1098 5 years ago from InsideTheManCave

      prasetio30 - thanks - I had to drive real slow for the video but it was fun. Maybe I will try another at higher speeds :)

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 5 years ago from malang-indonesia have wonderful jeep. Thanks for share with us. I love the video and everything about your cars. They look really manly. Good job and rated up!