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John Deere 850 Tractor Overview

Updated on October 20, 2019
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A natural John Deere hobbyist, I am learning and researching about the various models and sharing my tractor findings.

John Deere
John Deere | Source

John Deere 850 Compact Tractor Overview

The JD 850 compact tractor is a sturdy riding mower which navigates tricky terrain. Designed with professional and serious and farming care fanatics in mind, John Deere 850 has many features which make it the best choice for heavy duty mowing jobs.

The 850 tractor from John Deere is integrated with default mechanism chassis design of a 4 by 2 two-wheel drive system. It has 4 by 4 four-wheel drive technology. The compact tractor is set with manual steering and integrated with differential mechanical enlarging shoe brakes. It is also integrated with a Yanmar engine with 1.3 3-cylinder diesel. It comes with a 12-volt battery and can be attached with different attachments like a backhoe, mowing deck as well as front end loader.

The JD 850 tractor comes with a drawbar horsepower rating of nineteen and a PTO or Power Take-Off HP rating of twenty-two. The hydraulic system is an open center type with a capacity of 5.25 gals or 4.75gals; it all depends on the year wherein the distinct model was made.

Specifications Overview

  • Engine: Yanmar- three-cylinder liquid cool
  • Power: 25 Horsepower
  • Stroke/Bore: 80 by 85 mm or 3.15 by 3.35.”
  • 2600 rated RPM
  • GearBox: Two reverse and eight forward
  • Wheelbase: sixty-four inches

Features of John Deere 850 Tractor

The 850 yard tractor fro John Deere is indeed one of the best tractors today due to its amazing features. Some of the features integrated into JD 850 takes account of the following:

  • Engine

Needing diesel fuel, the JD 850 compact tractor is equipped with 3-cylinder engines which are made by renowned Yanman company. In the cylinders is volume swept by the piston also known as engine displacement that measures 78 cubic inches.

  • Power

The PTO (Power take-off) of the JD 850 tractor is 22HP or HorsePower that has a drawbar of 19 horsepower and a Cat.1 3-point hitch. The integrated transmission was made with 2 reverse gears as well as 8 forward gears.

  • Exterior Dimension

Weighing only 2,400lbs, the JD 850 tractor comes with a wheelbase that measures sixty-four inches.

  • Fuel Capacity

What makes this tractor apart from the rest is the remarkable fuel capacity of 8.5 gals, with a 19-gal hydraulic system that is a pipe linking the cylinders. On the other hand, after the year 1984, the rating of the hydraulic system is increased to twenty-one gallons.


There are many attachments available for John Deere 850. This takes account of the following:

  • 72 inches Mower Deck: This is a mid-mount JD 172 attachment, with three blades and a cutting width of 182 cm or 72 inches.
  • Blade: Blade attachment is also available. This helps in cutting grass easier and faster.
  • Loader: Loader plays a vital role in collecting trimmed grasses. It makes gathering the grass to one corner easier and faster. This helps the entire process of mowing easier and quicker.
  • Backhoe: This is perfect in digging holes and collecting fragments like stone and weeds.

Pros and Cons

Like many other products available on the market, John Deere 850 also comes with pros and cons. So, let’s start with the pros:

  • John Deere 850 is a compact tractor. It is quite popular due to the long manufacturing run. It has 1.62m wheelbase and quite light as well when fully operational, weighing 2400 pounds.
  • There is no smoke produced while running
  • The 4 by 4 engaged quickly and with no issues while the low and high range looked to function perfectly.
  • The regular gears which include reverse looked to work rightly
  • This is equipped with amazing features
  • It is sturdy and durable and can stand your daily use.


Despite the many perks it offers, it also comes with minor flaws such as:

  • Because the John Deere 850 is a light tractor, the engine is relatively small. The three-cylinder, 1.3L Yanmar only provides an output of 22 HorsePower while needing just less than six liters of coolant for the liquid cooling system.
  • Also, because of the small size, the John Deere 850 tractor has only a roll bar, and there is no cab, thus operating this tractor is relatively tough and hard.

Repair and Restoration of John Deere 850 Tractor

Repairing a tractor by yourself is hard to accomplish. In case you John Deere 850 tractor malfunction, avoid fixing it on your own to prevent the issue from getting worse, instead call a professional. Keep in mind that a tractor has complex parts that only experts are able to know. These experts can deal with any damage and concerns which your tractor has. What is more, these professionals have the experience and knowledge about the tractor and the components inside.

However, if you have experience in fixing this kind of machine, you call John Deere customer hotline number. A customer hotline is always available for your queries and concerns. The staff can answer all your questions regarding your tractor and give you some repair tips. What is more, they also offer guides on how to maintain your tractor so you can use for many years.

Where to Buy John Deer 850 Tractor?

There are many ways to acquire this tractor from John Deere. On the other hand, if you want to get the best and at the same time ensure that you get the genuine and high-quality one, buying online is the best option. This is also available offline; ensure that you’re dealing with a reliable seller.


Through the development of technology, you can buy almost anything online right at the comfort of your home, including tractor. Buyers can purchase the products efficiently online. Purchasing any product can be done in just one click of your mouse, so it saves you time and effort.

Some of the popular stores to buy a tractor is Craigslist and eBay, even if this product is offered in various stores as well like, the two mentioned stores are the best stores to visit for JD 850 tractor.

On the other hand, purchasing online should be done with a safety measure. You need to do research about the seller. Make sure to know the background, and see to it that they are licensed and certified to offer this product. Reading customer reviews is also vital in knowing if the store is trustworthy or not.


Buying John Deere 850 tractor offline is also considered the best. This is because it gives you the chance to check the quality of the product. At this point, many offline stores offer John Deere tractors and parts as well. Before you purchase, ensure to verify the eligibility of the store. Make sure to check the parts including the engine, hydraulics and the screw should be well attached. This is very important in order to avoid interruption and damaged once you used the unit.

Where to Look for the Parts?

When malfunction happens, most of the time, this is because of the breakdown of a specific component. Looking for its replacement parts sometimes is time-consuming. Online and offline stores that offer parts can be out of stock.

So, perseverance and hard work on looking for John Deere 850 tractor parts should be applied in order to acquire the best possible results. Constant research, both offline and online, should be done to choose the seller that offers high-quality parts. The best seller offers parts that come with a warranty. So, ensure to ask for a warranty since John Deere tractor parts are costly.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Harry Sheen


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