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Justrite Gas Can Review

Updated on August 30, 2010

Flammable storage containers are a necessity when working with any type of flammable material.  Whether working with gasoline or acetone, a flammable storage can makes getting the job done safely very easy.  These cans will contain hazardous liquids and just as importantly their vapors which reduces the risk of fire.  This protects not only the people working with it but also the place that it’s being worked with.  More importantly it keeps you compliant with all OSHA regulations that mandate the control of flammable liquids and vapors.  One additional benefit that a flammable liquid can such as the justrite gas can can provide is the ease of using and transferring these hazardous chemicals.  Let’s face it it’s not easy pouring these chemicals and the last thing you want is getting the flammable liquid all over yourself or the ground.

The Pros of the Justrite Gas Can

When I first got the Justrite gas can I was amazed by its large red metal exterior.  It stood out from everything else in the garage.  Just lifting it out of the box I was surprised at how heavy it was.  The full-fisted grip on the gas can makes it very easy to lift and to carry around.  We have one at work for acetone that has to be hauled through the building and using that one I knew that the Justrite can was a well designed can.  When the can is full is weighs about 45-50 pounds or so and the grip on the can makes it easy to carry.  It has a spring loaded self closing lid which is a requirement for storing flammable chemicals and what’s nice about it is that once you’ve got the lid closed it holds so tight that you can’t smell anything.  I put the full Justrite gas can in the back of my SUV and I couldn’t smell a thing (which is nice because I don’t have to air the vehicle out before my wife gets in).  The can has a long elephant like spout that makes it easy to pour the gas.  Pouring a large heavy container like that requires two hands so it’s nice that the spout is long and flexible and a little forgiving as I try to steady the container while pouring.  I’ve never had a problem with the gas eating away at the coating on the can; the only time I’ve ever spilled any gas is an overflow at the pump.  The Justrite gas can is built to comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 as well as NFPA Code 30 requirements which is a necessity at work and really, a good idea at home or in the garage.

The Cons of the Justrite Gas Can

Being a well built and well designed gas can, there aren’t too many flaws in the Justrite cans.  The only thing that I don’t like is the spring loaded top is very strong.  This can make it difficult when starting out filling the can.  The best way to deal with this is to set it on the ground and use your body weight to help keep the spring loaded.  Once you start filling the can it’s not as bad especially once the can has a little weight in it.  The weight of a full can is a bit heavy which can be difficult to move around but this is something that can’t be helped when storing 5 gallons of flammable liquids.  In fact the robust handle on the gas can makes it a lot easier to carry that some of the smaller handles on other cans.

Overall, the Justrite gas can is the best gas can I’ve ever used for storing and transporting flammable liquids.  It’s safe, convenient and one less thing I have to worry about everyday whether I’m on the job or just filling the mower.  The one recommendation I would make is if lifting 50 pounds is a challenge, you might want to get two smaller cans as the weight of the 5 gallon gas can as well as the spring on the on it can make using it difficult.  The best price on a Justrite gas can that I’ve found is over at Amazon.  Being such a big retailer they tend to deal in bulk and can offer lower prices.  Feel free to shop around online because you never know if someone is running a special.

Other Flammable Storage Solutions

Flammable Storage Cabinet - Make sure to get the right flammable storage cabinet that will meet all of the safety requirements but still be cheap and affordable


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