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Keep Your Head Cool & Your Engine Cooler

Updated on December 28, 2017

I have suffered minor accidents like many riders out there, and fortunately there have been no serious injuries. As much as I hate to admit it, motorbike riding can be dangerous. You may be a good rider, but you are much more at risk to other poor drivers and riders. The scope for motorcycle safety improvements in India is massive as many bike riders have no formal training. On the roads I see half the riders, especially pillion riders without helmets. One should know that there are plenty ways of increasing motorbike rider safety.


The necessity of a helmet goes without saying. Buy a top quality helmet from reputed brand. Compromising on helmet quality is a foolish thing to do. Buy an extra one for pillion riders too, they often feel that there is no need for a helmet as they trust the rider. You are responsible for their safety too, not just yours!


I rarely see people wear gloves, if at all. They serve as an invaluable purpose in the event of a crash, where we instinctually attempt to break our fall with our palms. Wearing gloves can reduce the risk of injury to the hands by 45% and reduces the risk of open wounds by 73%. Buy a quality pair that promises to protect your palms well.

Elbow & Knee Guards

I always make it a point to wear these guard on long road trips. You might feel uncomfortable at first, but you quickly get used to them. The best part, it gives you a license to go just a bit faster.

Regular Bike Maintenance

This entails things such as engine, engine oil and tire check ups. Maintain your engine oil level with a premium quality oil such as Castrol POWER1, and ensure your tires are not worn out and have no tears as such. This will greatly reduce the risk of an accident.

There are a few things scarier than losing control at a high speed, especially on a bike, the risk of injury is severe. Don’t learn the hard way!


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