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Keeping Your Car Fresh During the Summer

Updated on July 15, 2014

While we are in the middle of summer and the heat is among us, here are a few tips to keep your car looking good and maintained during the hottest times of the year. While it may be excruciatingly hot during the summer, the heat wave doesn't stop people from taking road trips for their summer vacation. There are also several precautionary measures that you could take to keep the car looking nice and fresh and well maintained into the future so you could both be safe and have a car that doesn't cost you extra money to fix if you run into problems. Frequent maintenance helps the car look nice and fresh, which saves you a ton of money in the long run and also keeps the value of your car in case you need to sell it in the future. You could use all of that money you saved from not spending it on costly repairs and maintenance fees to do all sorts of other things and have fun with family and friends this summer.

Preserve Paint Quality:

Even though the quality of car paint has gotten significantly better than it was about 10 years ago, you still need to do frequent maintenance to preserve the quality and keep it pristine. Contaminants like bird droppings and dead bugs can etch away at car paint, so you have to remove these things as quickly as possible. Once you see some dead bugs or bird poop stuck to your car, make sure you spray it off as soon as possible. You should also wash your car about once a week if you drive it daily, but you can do it a little less frequently if it's kept in the garage. You can even carry around a microfiber cloth and some detailing spray in your trunk for situations like these.

Wash Your Car:

The best time to wash your car is when its body has a low enough surface temperature, either during the morning or in the evening. Don't ever use harsh soaps like dishwashing detergent because harsh chemicals can cause the exterior to deteriorate much faster and damage the headlights. If you have nice LED lights installed on your car, wouldn't you want your car to be in the best quality possible to show them off? Make sure to buy good quality car shampoo for your vehicle in order to keep the paint looking as new as possible. Don't get the head of the hose nozzle too close to the paint either. You would have to rinse off the soap thoroughly so you don't have any water stains that can also etch the paint if you leave the car sitting out in the sun.

Be sure to clean the tires and wheels as well, because this makes sure that brake dust and road dirt won't have the time to damage the wheels. Brake dust contains little microscopic metallic particles that can damage your wheels so make sure you get all of that out of your car. Don't use the wrong product because it can severely damage your wheels. Use an all-purpose cleaner for the tires to keep them in the best possible quality as well.

Wax Your Car:

Like people, cars need sun protection too. When you wax your car, it acts like sunscreen for it and protects it from all of the damage from the sun's rays. Make sure you wax it seasonally, about three times per year to keep up appearances and make sure the car looks great. You can apply compound to the paint after you wash it to keep up the car's quality as well. You wouldn't want the harsh sun damaging your vehicle because it not only depreciates the value of your car, but it also just looks really ugly as well. Car wax doesn't cost too much money so it's a very small investment for extremely huge results. You keep your car looking awesome and keep the value up in one fell swoop.

When you apply the wax, try not to use a rotary buffer because they require training to use and have the possibility of ruining the paint if you apply it incorrectly. This is something that professionals are trained to use, so unless you're a professional, it's better to stay away from rotary buffers. You can use oscillating dual action buffers that don't damage your car and don't give you swirl marks. Also try to wax your car when the body's temperature is low. Work on one body panel at a time to keep track of what you've waxed and wipe it with a microfiber cloth when you're done.

Car maintenance isn't difficult, but you do have to keep up the maintenance frequently ensuring that the car looks great. Summer is a fun time for people to enjoy the sun and relax, but you can definitely go on vacations and keep up your car at the same time.


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