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Kick Mats For Your Car--Keeps Seats Clean with Protective Covers

Updated on September 1, 2012

Kick mats protect your car seats from child's kicking feet!

Are you tired of trying to keep the backs of the front seats of your car clean, because of little kicking feet in the backseat? Do you take your child's shoes off every time you put them in their car seat to protect the upholstery of your front seats? We all know how shoes can damage them with scuffmarks and ingrained dirt--and sometimes it is impossible to remove.

If you're dealing with this problem, then you may want to check into kick mats, which hang over the backs of your front seats to protect them from busy little feet. Many companies that manufacture baby products are now offering these kick mats, so most likely you will be able to find the right style or brand that you prefer.

Jolly Jumper Kick Mats Seat back protector

How kick mats are installed

These usually come with either adjustable straps, or elastic straps that loop around the headrest, then wrap around the bottom of the seat, securing the kick mats in place. Most are made of vinyl, so they are very easy to keep clean by just wiping with a moist cloth.

The mats come in packs of two, so both the driver's and passenger's seats can be protected, which is perfect if you have more than one child.

Many brands of kick mats are available.

ONE STEP AHEAD, SAFEFIT, SAFETY 1st, and JOLLY JUMPER are some of the companies who offer these. They can be found on Amazon. com if not easily found in stores.



MANY of these companies also offer seat protector mats that fit under your child's car seat to protect your back seat from stains and permanent dents or depressions from the years of your child's car seats sitting on it. You can read more about these in my article about the many different types of undermats.


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