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Kinetic Hybrid (Free Mobility Concept)

Updated on October 2, 2019
Adnan Lashari profile image

Business Analyst and masses trends observer + researcher. By day a marketing & brand expert, By night an automotive enthusiast.

Graphical Representation of Energy
Graphical Representation of Energy | Source

After dependability on fossil fuels humans have discovered ways of renewable energy which costs nothing.

But due to world's biggest economies running after fossil fuels, people who have solutions of renewable energy are discouraged hugely.

Now the corporations have come into play to encounter this energy crisis by investing in renewable and free source of energy which only costs installation and sometimes maintenance.

My point is Kinetic motion can play huge role in renewable technology because it can be captured and turned into energy very fast and efficiently.

My proposal is Auto manufacturers install (on each wheel) a dynamo so that from the motion of each rotation of tyre the energy could be saved back to the battery. and this will revolutionize the "Machine" itself all over the world because any motion created by engine or electricity can be captured to create more energy.

For example an electric car will start moving by battery power but once it reaches certain speed it will be self generating power and by this law, the faster you will go the more energy you will make, or more distance you will cover, more energy you will produce for your car. Adding to capturing more energy, the bounce of suspension on a single trip on each wheel count is endless, imagine the energy captured on 4x4 and suspension with more bounce and bounce from Bus or Semi/Truck/Trailers and heavy machinery/equipment chassis weight, which is also kinetic energy. This whole proposition makes the mobility on wheels free.

I don't say there will be no need of petrol engine or hybrid cars, but I'm saying that my car could have petrol engine for performance and electricity generation in the battery but the same car could have "Kinetic Motion System" on each wheel to capture the energy and to store into my battery. And where i'm slow and stuck in traffic the petrol engine and battery power will kick in, but once i will start moving the car will produce its own power.

Going more advance on this topic, if we look at complex gears of "swiss watch" how a pulse from human being creates power from, we can create loads of energy by scaling up the automatic watch's gear system and embed in Kinetic motion. We can actually create energy by idle RPM (1000) of petrol engine to calculable and controllable amount of Kilowatts with this sophisticated gear system. the possibilities are endless.

To give you a real example of this technology in work look into "Mercedes E-Citaro" city bus which has this kinetic motion system, where when it reaches 22 km/h the driver can lift up the paddle from accelerator and the bus will start moving by itself.

I understand oil producing countries won't like it, but hey I'm also saying that we love petrol power engines, so let's create a car or hyper car with a kinetic motion system, which principally will go faster the more it will accelerate, because more it will accelerate the more kinetic motion will be captured in high voltage and this will cause the car to accelerate on speeds unimaginable. just work out the aerodynamics and tyres required for such speed.

I believe Kinetic energy is the future for ever.

© 2019 Adnan Lashari


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