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Koenigsegg the company

Updated on July 10, 2012

Koenigsegg is a company that was founded in 1994 in Sweden by Christian von Koenigsegg after a long meticulous plan. The first car was only delivered in 2002 after years of work put into research and development. Christian since a young age had been fascinated with supercars and says since the age of 5 he wanted to create the best supercar.

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The CCX was the first production car which was launched in 2006 and was one of the cars of that year breaking records and lighting the speed passion that once captured us with the McLaren F1. The Koenigsegg company has broken a load of records including one for the fastest speeding ticket ever issued in the US. The CCX is truly an engineering master piece with phenomenal performance numbers which truly shows when the car is tested. The CCX goes from 0-300kph-0 again in 29.2 seconds this is faster than any production car ever made. With a 4.7ltr twin supercharged V8 the car is not short on power and it is actually capable of cause neck strains due to the G that the car can make the individual pull. The downforce of the car is also immense adding an extra 100kg to the car when it is doing 200,mph +.

The CCX is the fourth fastest production car behind the Ultimate Aero and Buggati Veyron and its on successor the CCXR. Each Koenigsegg is very exclusive taking 3 months to build as it is built custom to the order. The cars is very detailed it has 300 hand formed carbon fiber parts which all come together. The cars are very strong and light being made from mostly from carbon fibre even the chassis as well.

However before the CCX there was the CC8S the first ever car built by the company although it was never a production car and was sold exclusively it was also a car with great performance. It was a mid engine sports car with a top speed of 242mph, not only did it have a top end by it went from 0-60 in just 3.2 secs only to be beaten by the Buggati and its successors. The car kept to uniform being made from mainly carbon fibre with reinforced Kevlar and aluminium. The most impressive figure was the power to weight ratio which can be compared to the great McLaren F1 , not even the Buggati has such a great power to weight ratio.

At the moment the greatest creation from Koenigsegg has to be the CCXR which is the updated version of the CCX. This car is a no nonsense hypercar two door roadster, it is mid-engine and rear wheel drive. Coming with a 6 speed manual transmission and the same 4.7lt twin supercharged V8 with an estimated to speed of 255mph+ it holds nothing back. The reason to this power is the change in the car is the lightweight carbon fibre and the new tuning that has been done to the car.


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