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Kryptonite Bike Locks

Updated on June 19, 2013

Kryptonite Locks and Keys

Kryptonite refered by more Locksmiths

As a locksmith I often get called to remove locking devices from bikes This gives me a pretty good knowledge of what makes a good bike lock. Unfortunately all bike locks are not made equal and often you get what you pay for. Price alone is unfortunately not a good indication either as some of the most expensive products are not the most secure.

Resisting Brute Force Attacks

A bike lock has to be strong. They have to be able to withstand prying attacks from screwdrivers, levers and a range of tools designed to remove the lock by brute force. The Kryptonite bike locks have a positive locking bar that is made from hard steel and is thick enough to withstand the cruelest of attacks.

High Security Cylinder

The locking cylinder must be hard to pick. Leaving a bike unattended and locked up for long periods gives thieves a lot of time to try picking the lock. A lock that is extremely hard to pick is imperative. The Kryptonite lock uses a disk lock and the key is cut on angles. This means you can leave a bike locked with a kryptonite bike lock and know with confidence it will not go walk a bout at the hands of a skilled lock picker.

Kryptonite Series 2 U lock
Kryptonite Series 2 U lock

Hardened Steel

The other important quality of a good bike lock is that it must be constructed from hardened steel. If the lock can be cut with an everyday hacksaw it is of little use as a locking device in an unpopulated area. Kryptonite locks are constructed of a very hard steel in both the shackle and the lock body. I know from firsthand experience just how hard these locks are to cut with a hacksaw.

Trusted Company

If you are locking up a bike that you just can’t afford to have stolen, you had better use a lock with a track record of performance. Kryptonite locks have been around since 1973 and are now owned by Ingersoll Rand. Ingersoll Rand are one of the biggest names in security products worldwide. The name Kryptonite Locks has been trusted by thousands of bike owners worldwide to secure their bikes.

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