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Lamborghini Huracan vs Aventador

Updated on July 28, 2014


OK so the new Huracan is now being delivered to customers here in the UK and so I was curious to see one in the flesh and how it stacks up against it's big brother the Aventador.

So I thought I'd take my camera (and my little boy) down to the local showroom and take a look...

Touch Act To Follow

Now I haven't driven the Huracan YET but I've been out in the Aventador and that was quite a grand experience. The drama of that car is hard to beat. From the sound of the V12 to the brutal launches. I love the scissor doors, I love the way flames come out of the exhaust (not so much when I am following one closely behind though!). The styling is double-take gorgeous too.

I've also driven the Huracan's predecessor, the Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera. That was pretty RAW - the snap of single clutch hurts your neck after a few miles, the pedals were too far to the left for me and even though I'm only just 6 foot tall my head touches the roof the whole time. But boy did it look good and sound great!! Could corner like it was rails too...

Huracan First Impressions

First impressions are - it really doesn't look as striking as the old Gallardo!

It frankly looks a bit paunchy in comparison

And that plastic black window (which doesn't get replaced until next year by some new-fangled invention called 'glass') is simply ridiculous on a car that costs as much as a house does. The new Porsche 991 Turbo suffers from black plastic overkill too, so it's a disturbing new trend.

There are some lovely styling details though...

Huracan Inside

Inside though things get a lot better. More headroom, and a simply lovely interior (the Audi influence now doubt).

All digital display too which is very cool. However when you rev the engine the rev counter looks slow to keep up!

The rear visibility is comically bad though without glass slats...

Over to the Aventador

Maybe it's just the colour (yellow-orangish-metallic) and the black wheels but this Aventador seems really special! This car has real presence ...oh and a glass rear window!

If only it has a dual-clutch I think it would be my favorite car in the whole world. Sadly though that's not the case and so back to neck breaking gear changes as per the old Gallardo...

Aventador Inside

The inside is another masterpiece. Not quite as modern and comfortable as the newer Huracan but really not that much in it.


I suppose unsurprisingly the new Huracan is not a head-turning as the Aventador, however a 'baby Aventador' is a fitting description.

I certainly enjoyed looking at and comparing both in the showroom together, but for me there is only winner. My little boy thought so too - cheers!!


4 stars for visual rating

What's your favorite?

Do you prefer the styling of the new Huracan or the Aventador - or even the old Gallardo?

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