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Larger Ultrasonic Tanks Cleans Small Engines and Heads.

Updated on August 12, 2011

40 Gallon Heated Ultrasonic Parts Washer

40 Gallon Ultrasonic with Heated Solution
40 Gallon Ultrasonic with Heated Solution

Small Engine Repair

Although we are strong marketers of jet spray cabinet parts washers we have calls from shops who want to clean larger parts that have hard to reach blind holes and crevices. There are larger ultrasonic tanks which are now available that can provide the capacity to clean these parts.

Units holding 40 gallon of heated water with a good detergent and coupled with intense ultrasonic action will scrub every port and small entries in blocks, heads, transmissions and other parts.

Equipping a shop with this technology can set you apart from the competition. From my days of oil testing we found the direst engines happen just after overhaul. Ultrasonic parts cleaning of fine oil ports and passages goes a long way toward a successful rebuild.

Please check out our Ultrasonic Parts Washers at


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