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Leather Gloves and the Roar of Tires

Updated on August 30, 2011
Same color - different era! The Porsche and the Chevy have one thing in common - road noise!
Same color - different era! The Porsche and the Chevy have one thing in common - road noise! | Source

Road Noise: From Ears to Hands

Ever wondered why there is such road noise in the cabin of your car? Whether you drive a Porsche Cayenne or a '57 Chevy, the road noise can be deafening. It sounds alarming and surely makes you wonder about the decibel level in the cabin. You begin to wonder why the car manufacturer didn't place that soundproof wallboard that you saw your builder installing in your newly renovated bathroom, actually between the tires and the rest of the car. We close the windows, turn up the stereo and set the air/con to the highest fan setting, but it still remains. You wonder if the constant and prolonged drone of tire noise will damage your hearing. If it doesn't then the constant and prolonged use of screaming guitars coming from the stereo certainly will. Seriously, car noise is right up there when it comes to damaging noise levels.

Now, there is a difference between road surfaces. Don't even bother to try and listen for road noise on the highway, freeway or expressway. That is what they call a "hotmix tarmac road surface". What I am pointing out to you is the cheaper, coarse chips or "crushed stones" that they use for those roads that don't get a lot of use, but certainly make you grip the steering wheel tighter with your driving gloves, even if you don't realize that your hands are almost throttling the same. So, along with hearing loss, you'll also be subject to arthritis!

Yay!  I have my "L". That means I can drive!
Yay! I have my "L". That means I can drive! | Source

The Embarrassing Truth

Fact is, most of us cannot drive to save ourselves. We think we can and we can do enough to keep the police and insurance company happy. We are quite happy to pull on our black leather driving gloves and assume the position. But give us a high performance machine or a road with a questionable surface, and we're all at sea!

A Driving Test School should be standard procedure for everyone and the aim should be, to be able to coax a car sideways, hold it in a drift at full opposite lock, through the window! Richard "The King" Petty, the former NASCAR champion would be only to pleased to help. Simple co-ordination between hands and feet, which leaves most of us "all thumbs"! Realistically speaking, driving gloves should have ten thumb holes.

Driving should be about harmony.

Danica Patrick: a woman on a mission
Danica Patrick: a woman on a mission | Source

Girl Power Behind the Wheel

When I was young I always thought that driving was a man thing. My father taught me to drive in a large carpark with nothing standing up for miles around! My mother could drive but only when she really wanted to and my sister learnt to drive only after persuasion from my indescriminate father. But today the modern girls are doing it. Danica Patrick is a very noticeable addition to the Indy Car ranks. She doesn't mind pulling on the driving gloves. She's good looking and she can drive. At least she doesn't apply makeup whilst racing the oval track. Mmmm, a stereotype look I saw one woman driver doing just the other day. She was probably texting as well. Man, can that gender multi-task!

The Force Sisters are constantly breaking the sound barrier at NHRA drag racing. Good looks run in that family too.

When women pull on the racing gloves, they are saying, "Yes, we'll mix it with the men, we do not need a 'women's division' ".

Pratt and Hart Women's Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves Size L Color Black
Pratt and Hart Women's Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves Size L Color Black

Snap wrist closure * Vent holes on back of fingers

Inseam construction * Made of the finest deerskin from North America



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