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Lewis Hamilton and the BIC (Bahrain International Cuircuit)

Updated on October 17, 2009

Best F1 Track

The BAHRAIN International Circuit (BIC) has been called the best Formula One track in the world by F1 racing ace Lewis Hamilton who came second at the BIC F1 Grand Prix last year and remembers winning the F3 race in Bahrain in 2004. Hamilton become Formula one's youngest-ever champion this year (2008). The first black driver in F1 was at the centre of controversy over racist taunts during testing in Spain and was said to be "saddened" by the experience but has happy memories of the Middle East 's only Formula one race and Track..

Hamilton, said: "I love the Bahrain circuit, it is one of the ones I really look forward to, like Monaco and Spa. It is not so much for the track itself, but because of the facilities; the way the place is organised; the people. It is just such a great trip. It is one of the few places you go to without stress or hassle and you just feel so relaxed there. Take the treatment we received last year, for example - the people where we were staying, the fans that come to the track, they are all just generally really nice people and the organisation at the track is by far the best probably out of all the Grand Prix circuits."

When asked about the preperations for this years F1 race he said, "The preparations are going really well; much better than last year. We had slightly less time for physical training at the end of 2007 but we have made up for it with an improved fitness plan and it is going well. I am feeling good and testing has been really positive."He said: "My best memory is winning the F3 Grand Prix there in 2004 and obviously coming second last year was pretty special too. "You just need to be fast - the same as anywhere. There isn't really anything you have to be good at specifically there. You need a good car, a good aerodynamic package and you need to be quick.I haven't really had the chance to meet you so far but hopefully I will get to at some point in the future. I hope you enjoy the 2008 season, this will be a special year and I hope even more so than it was last year. I hope that you come with me on this journey and we can do it together. I wish that you all have a good year in your personal lives as well."

The Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix will take place on April 24, 25 and 26 in 2009.


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