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Lexmoto FMR 50 Review

Updated on February 20, 2018

Lexmoto FMR 50

Bike Specifications

The Lexmoto FMR 50 has a displacement of (you guessed it) 50cc, as-apose to the more common displacement of 49cc.

It has a 4-stroke engine, that makes the bike sound as wonderful as a 50cc scooter could ever sound. Having this 4-stroke engine means you won't sound like a lawnmower when zipping up the street. Not only is that good for your ears, it's good for your neighbours ears, and your image as a biker.

The FMR 50, has standard disc brakes, for the front wheel and drum brakes for the rear wheel.

And the bike can reach a top speed of about 45kph, and when 60kph when derestricted.


The biggest selling point to potential buyers for this bike will be it's price, with a RRP of £999 - I managed to get mine for £1099 + a free top box and free 3 years legal cover.

Despite its relatively low price, this bike does not at all feel cheap. It feels very stable when riding, and at no point when riding it have I ever felt unsafe. And with a lot of low priced bikes, often the styling can be subpar, but with the FMR 50 that's not the case. It looks very modern and looks more like a sports scooter than a 50cc moped - It's also good to note the bike is the exact same model as the FMR 125, meaning that despite its smaller engine size, the bike remains the same size as a 125. Surprisingly, with its larger size and smaller engine, it doesn't feel like any power is lost; once you pull the throttle down, you're gone in a flash.

When it comes to controlling the bike, and as a new rider, I've found it very easy to get along with. It feels like the bike knows exactly where I want it to go and all I have to do to get there is look. Slow manoeuvres are fairly easy to accomplish with the bike, the turning circle may not be huge but with the help of the very strong rear breaks, these manoeuvres can be done with ease and a little practice.


I think one of the biggest things that may put people off this bike is that it's a Chinese bike, and Chinese bikes are known to be poor quality - Now, the overall quality of the bike is great, but there are a few issues I've encountered relatively early into owning the bike.

The most noticeable of which is the inaccurate speedometer. I haven't had the bike long enough at this point for it to be derestricted by the garage I bought it from, but when riding down the road I noticed my speedo said I was hitting 60kph. 60kph? That's the speed I'm supposed to get once its been derestricted. Then I noticed that I was trailing far behind the cars in front of me who were doing no more than about 50kph - This was confirmed after following my Dad on a journey. He went no faster than 30mph (Switching our metric here because I can't be bothered to convert mph to kph anymore) whilst my bike said I was going around 40mph. I understand that speedo's can be wrong by a couple of mph/kph but to be wrong by 10mph seems a hell of a lot.

Another problem I've encountered is the engine cutting out when sitting idle for too long. This isn't a huge problem as it can easily be overcome by feeding the bike a little throttle and keeping hold of the break, but it has left me stuck on the give way line of a roundabout for longer than I should have been, and stuck at a set of traffic lights.

The final problem with the bike, and this is probably more of a personal opinion, but I hate the suspension on this bike. It's rock solid. When you're doing 30mph and you go over a bit of cracked tarmac, you will feel it and if the road you're riding on has patchy/bumpy tarmac, you'll bum will probably be jumping off the seat a few times. Nonetheless, it doesn't make the bike any harder to control thanks to its great stability.


This is a great bike, especially if it's your first one. It's been really good to learn how to ride on and I'm now a very confident rider. It's even better when you consider its RRP is only £999 brand new.

In comparison to the other bikes I've tested, namely the Piaggio Zip 50 and Yamaha Neo's 4 (both 50cc) the FMR comes out on top. So if you're looking for a cheap and reliable first bike then I'd highly recommend this one despite its technical problems.


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