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The Smartflare Will Light Up The Night Just When You Need It

Updated on December 10, 2018

Smartflare Is There Should Your Car Break Down

Being stuck with a flat tire at night is dangerous. But so too is having a battery failure, engine mishap or even a minor accident which has you stranded. So the idea that one day you’re going to be driving down a dark road late at night and get a flat or have the engine go blooey and being forced to get onto the side of the road as traffic races by with the light of the day disappearing isn’t so crazy to contemplate. Now sure you’ve a smartphone to call for help, but what if you decide to take a look to see what’s wrong first? So you get out of your car on the driver’s side and start to inspect the damage as cars race by. Or perhaps there’s not a single car for miles...until you bend down to check the tire and feel someone’s sidewalls zipping by at what seems like an inch or two away from your ear. That’s when you wish you had the Smartflare: Multi-Use Emergency Light Set in the trunk.

When Light Is Needed

Some might say the most sensible thing to do is stay inside the car — especially if its night and you’re wearing dark clothes – but who isn’t going to leave the car to see what’s wrong? It used to be that everyone carried flares in their car’s trunks — now it’s only the professional drivers or truck drivers or those who really know what makes a car tick that does that. So that means there’s no flare to pull out and place ahead of the car to warn off other drivers. And it’s even more likely that there’s no flashlight in the trunk either.

Besides, what good is a flashlight when you need to be able to warn approaching cars off while you’re kneeling next to a tire? So that’s where the Smartflare Super Bright LED Combo Light is such a good solution. Because it can act just like a flare without being a flare, thanks to having bright LEDs powered by batteries.

What The Smartflare Can Do

The Smartflare comes in a hard plastic case that’s a bright orange to stand out in the trunk and take the daily abuse of being knocked around. The case holds 2 of these “flares” which means either that you can put two up, or use one and make the other your at-the-moment emergency flashlight or have a spare to use when the first gives it up and it’s time to change the batteries (not something that is going to happen so fast since each “flare” will last from 8 hours on up to 18 hours of continuous use, thanks to not using incandescence and depend on mode and time in use). The light comes from 22 very bright LEDs, all of which are encased in what is a wide base to stand firm when standing. One that isn’t inclined to roll either. Or it can be placed against a metal surface (like a car’s bumper) since it’s magnetic and so will stay put.

Obviously the SmartFlare is also weather resistant, because who has trouble when it’s bright and sunny? Less obvious maybe is that you have a choice of how that light is going to look: there are two “flare” modes with a sequence of red/white LEDs either illuminated constantly or flashing (fanning out in what is pretty much 360 degrees of coverage by utilizing both sides), There’s also “lantern” and “flashlight” modes, with white light predominating here and so providing a definite beam of light under your control.

The Smartflare Is A Portable Solution When It’s Dark

Because of its brightness, the Smartflare: Multi-Use Emergency Light Set can be seen for up to a mile (depending on weather conditions). It’s not just for car emergencies either. There’s a wide range of uses, with examples being to use when boating, when camping, when there’s power outages, the list goes on and on. It comes in a 2 pack, with single and 3 pack configurations also available. And at exceedingly reasonable prices too.


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