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Living For The Weekend

Updated on November 25, 2009

The Thunderbird Mood

Starting On Thursday, my thoughts become clouded with vision of me cruising Pacific Coast Highway In California. It' a long drive depending on How far you want to travel.I love it. You can enjoy it  with friends and family. However, when I am in that 1983 bright red Thunderbird I want to be alone. The reason I want to be alone is so I can listen to My favorite Country and Western artist. I ripped out the old factory stereo system and replaced it my way with the following components: two 225 watt rear speakers, two 225 watt front door speakers and two 50 watt speakers in the dash. All of this was connected to a Blaupunkt hamburg cd70 stereo. This stereo  by Blaupunkt is design with a great safety feature. When you press the button to open the door to replace a cd there is a slot on that door for what looks like a credit card, it's not. This card has all of you setting for bass, treble, loud and more. If you remove this card the player is no longer usable. It took me a day and a half to get it just like I wanted it. So, when I am playing Garth Brooks "Low Places" or Toby Keith "Lets Get Drunk and Be Somebody". I want miss a beat.If you have  a person with you there is constant interruption.


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