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Mahindra Moto3 winners

Updated on August 4, 2016

Indian automotive giant Mahindra are in widespread speculation after their epic first win at the 2016 Dutch Grand Prix for Moto3 racing division. Its not an everyday news that a vehicle powered by an Indian automotive player is high octane races around the most challenging tracks in the world.

Italian rider Francesco Bagnaia, currently in contract with Team Mahindra, made an actual photo finish after a fierce battle for victory, winning by a marginal four hundredth of a second claiming his and Team Mahindra's first ever and most iconic win so far. Team Mahindra and Bagnaia, barely 19 years old, started off with a low key start to their racing careers but with their first ever win, that too in a very picturesque manner, have been successful in bagging international attention towards themselves. Since their win, Mahindra takes the leading edge in the 250cc four stroke motorcycle category with the help of their innovative machine MGP30 which actually brought the team the victory it had been craving for, for such a long time.

Way to go Team Mahindra, since its the second time that the population has been excited over a motor sport win after Force India. But a question that still haunts racing enthusiasts is that even after construction of a world class race track in our very own country, why is it that motor sports are treated with such neglect? Why is it that teams like Force India and Team Mahindra are making ground breaking efforts to prove their metal in their respective motor sport leagues yet none are considerate enough to nurture a racing spirit in their own country?

Just like any other sport, we feel that motor sports like Moto GP and Formula 1 classes have a lot of potential for growth in India however the country has always been neglecting this space. Take the example of racers from Chennai who are the sole representation of Indians in motor sports throughout Asia and have the potential to win, yet they struggle to make it to the events since they lack sponsorship by meagre amounts, something which could be like a nothing for a few people.

Hearty congratulations to Team Mahindra, and we hope to see some Indian talent on the international tracks soon!


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