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Maintenance of Electric Scooter

Updated on March 24, 2016

A proper care makes anything better. Same goes for the electric scooters, which are the best alternative vehicles to reach our nearest places. Now people not only buy electric scooter for kids, as well as buy it for girls & adults too. One can enjoy his time riding on these scooters instead of going out for a walk to the road or in the parks. But to get the best service from these scooters, they need a great maintenance. In this review, you will get the tips for maintaining an electric scooter in the best way.

Proper maintenance of a scooter ensures the best and long lasting service from an electric scooter. Here are the instructions to maintain an electric scooter.


After using the scooter, keep the scooter in a cool place, so that the motor can cool down quickly. Keep the motor clean and dust free if possible.


The battery of the scooter needs to be changed after a certain period. Most of the batteries have a life span of 1 year. Change the battery when it’s time to change.

Battery charge

Charge the battery when it needs to. When the charge of the battery is finished, immediately charge the battery. Try to keep the battery full charged to use the scooter on an emergency. Never turn off the charging before full charge.

Avoid over charging of the battery. Over-charge spoils the battery life. So, when the charging is completed, unplug the battery charger.

Parking and storing

Always park the scooter in shadowy place. Try to avoid parking the scooter in a sunny place.

In the home, you should keep your scooter in a cool place.


Wheels give you a fine ride. Wheels get most dirt and dust than other parts of an electric scooter. So, clean the wheels after each ride on it. You can clean the wheels with a dry cloth, or brush. Sometimes you should wash the wheels to make them safe and to look great.


It is very important to check the brakes of the scooter regularly. It will save you. Loosen and tighten the brakes while checking.


Always clean the scooter. Use clean and dry cloth to clean. Try to clean the scooter after every time use. You should wash the scooter with water and detergent or other liquids at least one time in a week.


Most of the scooters need to assemble after buying. Carefully assemble the scooter. Follow the user manual to assemble the parts. Make sure that the nuts and bolts are tighten perfectly. Some scooters include tools with them. Use them for convenience.


A proper riding keeps the scooter safe and makes the scooter serve for long. Avoid riding the scooter on uneven and unsmooth surfaces.

User Guide

There is a user guide with every electric scooter. Follow the instructions given in the user guide.

If you ensure the best maintenance, you will get the best service. So, try to ensure the proper maintenance of your electric scooter for the sake of best and long-term service.


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