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Make Money with Your Bobcat Skid Steer Loader

Updated on July 7, 2015

There are many things you can do to earn money if you own a Bobcat skid-steer loader. There are likely countless people out there who will hire you to do a number of jobs they don’t have the time, skills or equipment to do. Below are some of the many ways you can make money while operating this machine.

Small Building Projects

There are many people with a do-it-yourself mindset out there who have small building projects that they would love to hire a Bobcat skid-steer loader for. This equipment is ideal for small building projects. Most loaders can lift over 1000 lbs. because they are smaller than a regular backhoe, they can fit into very tight spaces. With four-wheel steering, they can also spin around in a space no larger than their length. Because of these unique features, they are ideal for heavy lifting, moving materials in small areas, and working in close quarters, such as around trees. Let home improvement companies know that your services are for hire and what projects you can handle.

Small Road Repair Jobs

Your skid-steer loader can be fitted with an asphalt planer, or jackhammer attachment, so if you have these pieces of equipment, you’re the perfect one to hire for small road repair jobs or road development projects. An asphalt planer can also be used for residential driveway projects.

If you make it known in your town that you are available for this type of work and your rates are competitive, you could find yourself with a lot of potential jobs! Check with your local equipment rental companies to find out what the current rental rates are, and price your services close to, or even a bit less.

Digging Projects are Easier with a Bobcat Skid-Steer Loader

Early spring is the perfect time for projects like gardening and building pools, ponds, and fountains. Many people will hire your Bobcat skid-steer loader to do the digging for these projects. These loaders do well for digging a pond among a grove of trees, or in other tight spaces. These are mostly one or two day projects and can be a great way to earn some fast money. It’s also a way to get rehired for other projects, and projects their friends are doing, especially if you do a great job the first time.

Loading and Moving Work

If you have a fork attachment or you can get one, this opens another possibility for you when it comes to jobs you can be hired for. Private factories may be very interested in hiring your Bobcat skid-steer loader to move inventory, load trucks and unload trucks. These work well in buildings like warehouses or maintenance garages. Many smaller companies may have the need for these types of services, but not the space or payroll available to keep one on hand at all times. With your ability to be hired on a per need basis, this may be exactly what they are looking for and can result in repeat work for you.

Long-Term Projects

Depending on the type of attachments you have or can get, there may be some long term work for you with smaller construction companies, or building companies just starting out. If you want to expand your business, re-investing some of the money you make into additional attachments for your Bobcat skid-steer loader, opens up even more opportunities for you because you will be able to do more with it.


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