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Making A Safety Kit For Your Car

Updated on July 11, 2016

Why Safety Kits Are Important

Wether you have one car or multiple cars, you should have a safety kit in each one. Along with pileups and car crashes, your car may breakdown or get stuck in a snow storm. It is smart to have a safety kit ready so that you and your family can be comfortable until help arrives. Safety kits can also save lives in an emergency situation.


Where To Put Your Safety Kit

It is important to keep your safety kit in your car at all times. If you keep your safety kit in the garage you may forget to put it in your car every time you hit the road. Many people keep their safety kits in the trunk of the car. This is ok if the backseat can open for you to get your kit out of the trunk from the inside. If your car does not allow you to do this, keep it on the floor in the backseat of the car. The reason you don't want to keep the kit in the trunk, if you can't access it from inside the car, is because there are events that could happen where the trunk cannot be accessed from the outside.


Why Make Your Own Safety Kit?

Many stores sell pre-made safety kits for cars. This is great, but not all store bought safety kits have everything you might need. You can buy a store bought safety kit and add things to it, or just make a safety kit yourself.


10 Items To Put In A Safety Kit

Be sure to include as much as you can in a safety kit as possible. Of course, you won't be able to include every safety item that was ever made, so you want to choose items that can be used in multiple situations.

What to include:

1. Jump Start Cables - These are pretty self explanatory. If your car battery dies, you can hook the cables up to your car and another person's car to start your battery. Always remember to hook them up the right way or you could hurt yourself.

2. First Aid Kit - You can buy a first aid kit from the store. They come in multiple sizes and some include more items than others. The bigger the kit, the more items you will have.

3. Water and Water Filter - You should always keep water in your car. If you get stranded it can save your life, especially if it is in hot weather. Water can also keep your engine cool if it starts to overheat. Just pour water on the engine to cool it down. A water filter comes in handy if you are around a river or it is raining. It helps keep the water you catch sanitary and drinkable.

4. Food- Keep non- perishable food items in your kit to keep you from going hungry.

5. Map- This helps you find your way to the nearest town or gas station.

6. Flashlight and Batteries- If you get lost in the dark, it helps to have a flashlight to search outside for other people and landmarks.

7. Warm Clothes And Blanket- You never know when you might get your car stuck in bad weather. Your car could run out of gas or the battery could die. If this happens you won't be able to keep the heat on in your car. Packing warm clothes and a blanket can keep you from getting hypothermia.

8. Candle and Matches- With this you need to exercise extreme caution. If you are stuck in cold weather and can't get out of your car or are stranded on the side of the road with no help in sight. You can use a lighted candle to keep you warm. Get a large tin can to place the candle in while it's lit so that hot wax doesn't drip all over the inside of your vehicle.

8. Sanitation Items- Keep toilet paper, disinfectant wipes, diapers if you have a baby, trash bags and feminine hygiene products in the kit. This way you can stay sanitary while you are stranded.

9. Long Skinny Pole With Flag- There have been situations where people crash into snow banks, and the snow engulfs their car completely. The snow packs tight and makes it impossible to open the car doors. Passing cars don't see you under the snow bank and won't stop for help. A long skinny pole with a flag on the end can save your life. You crack your window just slightly open and push the pole and flag through and out of the snowbank. Write "help" on the flag so people know to stop and investigate. The flag also comes in handy if you are out of your car and waving it for people to stop and help if you need assistance.

10. Pocket Knife - Pocket knifes are handy in any situation. Keep one in your safety kit to help open cans of food or bags.


Make It Your Own

Of course, these are just examples and guidelines of things to put in your safety kit. Feel free to add or take away anything as you see fit. It helps to keep it all in a bag or box so that the safety items are conveniently accessible in one place. Having a safety kit will give you peace of mind while on those long road trips. Have fun and drive safely!

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    • Laurinzo Scott profile image

      Live To Write 

      2 years ago from Phoenix, Az.

      Very good and informative hub... we never think about such things until it is too late... proper planning is everything!!!


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