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Market Leaders of Spark Plugs

Updated on March 7, 2019
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Significance of Spark Plugs

Ensure Quality Parts for the automobiles

Your 6-month-old, newly bought car, is giving you starting trouble? Too bad isn’t it? It is not a good feeling when your customers start complaining about things such as these. Have you ever thought what could be the main reason among other possibilities? Well, without doubt, in most of the cases, it could be the faulty spark plug which is giving you the headache. In other words, the result of a bad quality spark plug. The main function of a spark plug is ignition. It ignites the air and fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber, which in turn powers up the vehicle. Good quality spark plugs should be able to withstand extreme heat and pressure.

Burnt spark plug
Burnt spark plug

Pioneers in Spark Plug Industry

BOSCH and BRISK – The pioneers in spark plugs

Bosch and BRISK have a very long history and experience in the research and production of spark plugs. They thrive on precision and guarantee the quality of spark plugs like many of their other products. For the last 10 years, both Bosch and BRISK are ranked among the largest manufacturers of spark plugs in Europe and have won many awards. They are trying to expand their presence felt even in the developing countries of the world. These companies already enjoy goodwill in Formula 1 racing circuits.

Core Qualities - Performance and Fuel Efficiency

High Performance and Fuel Efficiency

What makes these companies go ahead of others? Their spark plugs, in general, are mainly designed keeping in mind the maximization of performance and also fuel efficiency. Good quality spark plugs in turn help in keeping the maintenance cost at lower levels and also have a positive impact on the environment. Without a quality spark plug, the ride cannot sustain high power and as a result, the vehicle will see a drop in fuel economy. Our spark plugs also save you from the need to change them frequently compared to other brands of spark plugs as they undergo wear and tear much faster.

Take for instance the insulators used in BRISK spark plugs are made from high-quality ceramic materials which have good insulation strength. Its high-quality resistive seal suppresses electromagnetic radiation and also resists wild vibrations. The cold moulding method is used by BRISK to make the shell, which has an uninterrupted flow of material fibres which in turn gives the shell maximum strength.

Iridium spark plugs from Bosch are designed with a view to giving higher performance and longer life. Besides this, they also have Platinum spark plugs which ensure longer life due to its resistance to corrosion.

Iridium spark plug from Bosch
Iridium spark plug from Bosch

Quality product at reasonable prices

Competitive Pricing

Both of these companies promise that the spark plugs, which are of premier quality, are reasonably priced compared to the prices offered by their competitors, and yes it is true to a great extent.

Next time when you think of replacing your spark plug ensure that you buy good quality, corrosion resistant spark plugs. These two major companies have a proven record and experience in the field of spark plugs which are specially designed keeping in mind the safety and durability of our rides.


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