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Updated on April 20, 2011

When you car miles pile on, performance problems appear. New chemistry can end them!

Those nasty, negative conditions in your motor caused by oil breakdown, friction-worn pistons, wear-roughen bearings, sticky valves, cause running problems that just sap the life out of your car - and create more that a little anxiety of what's to be.

For years, all you could do was wait until you car bogged down and nearly died before you could cured it; and then only with a $2000 to $4000 motor overhaul. I've either paid those amounts for relief - 4 times, or paid the costly trading-in of my sick car; for years of high monthly payments - 6 times, to gain the relief a newer car can bring. No fun, right? Well, help for your car is here...

Now, new chemical technology - I call, "Medicine to cure sick motors," in the form of a new additive treatment, can end that problem fast. This medicine helps avoid those expenses, by giving back your motors former, like-new, power, zip, and dependable driving, again. Thousands of car and heavy equipment owners are enjoying this new pour-in chemistry marvel. Maybe, its what your car needs, too!

Discovered by Additive Formula Inventor Bud Esterline, and sold by his Mega Power Company. His medicine, to cure sick motors- does so almost instantly, and replaces - and puts-off for years the more expensive overhaul alternative. I label his car care medicine, the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment. Sold by Internet for under $100, its so successful, its guaranteed to please or your money back.

I believe this product will help your motor if you have many miles on it. And if you think you motor will run healthy again if you had an inexpensive way to clean, free, smooth, coat, and fill its worn away surfaces again. I think its what your cars need - not an overhaul right now.

This, different kind of product, is easy to install. Me and many others swear by it. I feel Mega Power is a great budget and engine saver and protector. It has given each of my older cars, trucks, and motorized equipment many more year of life - I thought were gone for good! Learn more at this web site:


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