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Memory Foam Car Seat

Updated on October 22, 2014

Memory Foam Car Seats and Cushions

Adding a memory foam car seat or cushion to your car can make driving more comfortable. Comfort is very important when driving, especially when driving long distances. Different cushion types support some or all of the body where it touches the seat. Cushions can be purchased that fully cover most of the car seat, whilst others will just provide lumbar support or cushion the seat itself. Memory foam moulds to the body, relieving pressure and increasing comfort. These can be especially useful for anyone who regularly spends a lot of time driving.

Memory foam is a type of treated polyurethane that is designed to either soften in reaction to body heat, moulding around the body, or to mould to the shape of the body from weight alone. In both cases this provides additional support and distributes pressure more evenly across the body. Once the source of pressure or heat is removed, the foam should return to its original shape.

Car seats and cushions made from memory foam should be designed to easily be mounted over the existing seat, rather than be used to replace it. They should be attached firmly enough that they do not slip around whilst driving, yet still be easy to remove when needed, such as for cleaning.

Essential Medical Supply Memory Sculpture Comfort Seat Cushion

Using this cushion makes the seat more comfortable. The memory foam is sculpted to fit the body for increased comfort. It has a zippered velveteen cover.

The cover of the cushion can be removed and washed to help keep it clean. This provides support when seated in a car. It can also be used on a normal chair and other seats as well.

Thermo Sensitive Memory Foam Seat Cushion

This memory foam seat cushion straps to the car seat with elastic. The cushion is covered in velour and can be cleaned with a dry cloth. When used it relieves pressure to the neck, back, waist and thighs.

This memory foam cushion will cover the entirety of most seats. The elastic strapping make the seat easy to add and remove whenever desired. The seat cushion does not need to just be used with car seats as it can also be used with normal chairs.

Trillium Memory Foam Lumbar Support

This lumbar support is made from solid memory foam. It has a removable faux suede cover and elastic straps to hold it in place. The cushion is used when specific support to the lumbar area is needed.

This cushion provides lumbar support and helps to relieve lower back pressure. It can be easily kept clean by unzipping the cover and cleaning it. The elastic straps make removing it when not needed easy.

Thermo Sensitive Memory Foam Seat Cushion

This seat cushion is in two parts joined by a plastic hinge and folds for easier transport. It moulds to you in response to your body heat. Simply place in on the seat to use.

The cushion has a cover that can be removed and machine washed allowing the seat to be easily kept clean. It can be used at home or at work as well as in the car. The cushion provides support to most if not all areas where the body would touch the seat.

Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion

This seat cushion has a U-shaped cutout for your tailbone. It moulds to fit your body from your body heat. The slope of the cushion helps improve your posture and natural lumber curve.

The U-cutout is great for those suffering from lower back pain. The cushion can be used in a car, or on normal seats and chairs as well. The anatomically correct design makes the cushion more comfortable.

Why You Should Get a Memory Foam Car Seat

Anyone that spends a lot of time in their car or other vehicle, likely because they have a job that requires them to do a lot of driving, should consider adding a memory foam seat. Reducing the discomfort of a multi-hour drive can be a great help, as sitting for hours in the same place, even with the occasional stop, can be uncomfortable.


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