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Mercedes Diesel

Updated on March 16, 2011

Mercedes-Benz Diesel for Sale

There are plenty of great places to find out information about the Mercedes diesel. Also you can find 100s of these great cars for sale online. For example check out the Mercedes diesel cars for sale on ebay directly under this article. Ebay is great because you can click on advance search and find a car in your area.

When you click on the cars and but a Mercedes Diesel ebay gives me a little something for sending you their way. This does not effect the price of your Mercedes diesel or anything else that you want to buy on ebay. I just wanted to inform you what is going on my hubpages.

So alright Ebay is a great place to buy and sell your Mercedes diesel or any other car or product.

You can visit ebay by clicking any of the ebay links under this article.

Mercedes Benz Diesel History

Mercedes Benz has a longer history with diesel engines than any other car company.

They made the first diesel passenger car in 1936 It was called the 290D

Mercedes-Benz has made a whole host of cars that have diesel engines.

In fact they have a whole series that only comes with  diesel engines!

Why would want a diesel Mercedes Benz?

So you could convert it to Bio-Diesel right!

Mercedes-Benz 290D

Bio-Diesel Mercedes-Benz

Yes you can buy Mercedes-Benz that run on recycled french fry grease. Now you may wonder where you would get all that grease. But many restaurants have been paying to dispose of there grease. My friend has had a bio-diesel Mercedes-Benz for many years. He drives all over the place and it really doesn't cost him much because he has several 100 gallons of Bio-Diesel at home to keep filling up him Mercedes!  Pretty cool because he is recycling and not using diesel fuels which as you know is not a renewable resource.


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