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Basic Car Cleaning Tools For Everyone

Updated on March 19, 2013

Cleaning the interior and exterior of a car can be time-consuming but not so when you have the proper tools and aids. One does not need to hire outside services on a regular basis when you can do it yourself on your free time. It can actually save you a few hundred every month

Microfibre clothe

A microfiber cloth is used in cleaning both the interior and exterior of any car. Removing lint is much easier while application of car wax and other chemicals will not me messy when this clothe is around. It is also useful when polishing a car when an electric buffer is not available. It does not leave residue as other wipes do.

Microfibre cloths are mostly made from polyester materials and are reliable for repeated use. Just make sure to clean and wash them off thoroughly after each use to avoid dirt and minuscule particles entrapped or lodged in it which would affect your next use. It is also advisable to press it after it's wash and dried.

Pressurized Water Hose

A pressurized water hose will make car washing duties easier. There are many available hoses in the market that allows different nozzle settings to suit specific needs when cleaning your car. Make sure to purchase one which is of good quality for longer-lasting use.

Car Shampoo

Car exteriors need care and it is important that the right implements are used to prevent damage. Car washing will be an easier job if you use a shampoo instead of the normal soap. Some soaps have ingredients that may cause damage to the coat and finish in the long run. Choose any of the good brands. There are shampoos that already include a polishing agent so you won't have to apply car wax.

Cleaning Sponge

A big sponge is necessary when you want to clean and soap all the parts of the car. Car cleaning sponges also come in all shapes and sizes.Choose ones that can be gripped without difficulty. Some are sewn into gloves which are ideal in reaching hard-to-reach areas.

Rubberized Wipe

A rubber wipe will make drying a car easier. Rubberized wipes absorbed the water left in your car after washing. Make sure to wash it with soap to remove dirt before keeping it sealed and moist in its container.

Car Wax

After cleaning and washing the car exterior, it is best to use a car polish wax to help preserve the coat and finish of any car. Good quality wax come in different forms and brands. Some are available in sprays, while others come in squeeze bottles for easier application. One of the good ones include Meguiar's.

Car Polisher

Handheld car polisher are available to make polishing an easier task. They come with differing sizes of buffer to cover different size of surfaces.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

It is ideal as it can help you in cleaning the interiors without having to carry a heavy tool. It is also hand in reaching those areas under the seats.

Clay Bar

A clay bar is one of the important aids in autodetailing to remove contaminants embedded in a car's paint coat. It is best used after car washing and may also come in different brands. Just make sure to change it when it falls to the ground as it will only cause further damage when used again.

High Quality Rubbing Compound

Compounds are useful in removing minor car scratches in the clear coat. Proper use if however advised at all times. Too much pressure when applying any rubber compound will result to the removal of the top coat, so care must be practices at all times.

Tire Black

For the overall look of a car, a tire black is important to enhance the whole appearance of your car. It gives the impression that you have brand-new and clean tires.

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