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Midas Sierra Vista Arizona Review

Updated on January 1, 2017
Endoscope video capture
Endoscope video capture | Source

Save Hundreds of dollars: DIY inspection

Endoscopic Inspection of Timing Belt for $15

Car repair shops owners will tell you that "there is no way to inspect" a timing belt and that the only way to check it is "to replace it". This job involves 4 hours of work to replace a $15 belt.

I inspected my own belt by myself with a $15 USB endoscope and my laptop computer.

Toothless BBB

BBB Administratively Judged Resolved, "Based solely on the information provided by yourself and Midas of Sierra Vista, BBB determined that the company made a good faith effort to resolve this issue."

The BBB considers malicious intent to defraud as a "good faith effort" tells me that the BBB is unable to separate good businesses from bad businesses.

To interpret a bald faced lie that a price scan is part of the timing system of a car as 'good faith' will mean that Steve Grimes of Midas Sierra Vista will continue to rip off with impunity future female customers by convincing women with additional work done that that is not needed.

Grimes must have already known that BBB is a toothless entity and is protected from the high cost of litigation.

Evil, the Satanic Mechanic who charges an arm and a leg plus your first born CC-BY-SA-3.0 GNU Free Documentation License - Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 imported via Wikimedia Commons
Evil, the Satanic Mechanic who charges an arm and a leg plus your first born CC-BY-SA-3.0 GNU Free Documentation License - Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 imported via Wikimedia Commons | Source

Field Study of Dishonesty

This is a review of Midas of Sierra Vista 1317 E. Fry Blvd. Sierra Vista AZ 85635 (520)459-3090 and it's a very bad one. I am left with no recourse because although I wrote to the Arizona Attorney General, my problem is not large or important enough to warrant any fast action. The Consumer Protection and Advocacy section has received my complaint and wrote back on October 23, 2012 that, "The complaint process can sometimes be very lengthy. We appreciate your patience during this time. When the complaint process is complete, we will notify you in writing."

Better Business Bureau

I cc'd the same October 12, 2012 AZ AG complaint to Midas Consumer Relations 823 Donald Ross Road Juno Beach, FL 33408 1-800-621-8545 but did not hear anything from corporate headquarters. I complained November 12, 2012 online to the local BBB, case # 19039076 and the following November 26, 2012 reply by Midas of Sierra Vista is as follows:

"the vehicle was never brought into the shop for a complete diagnosis, otherwise the customer would have been charged for this. when the vehicle was brought in, it was on a Saturday, the busiest day of the week. the customer dropped it off, but was walking around waiting for a diagnosis. the customer kept checking back to see if we had a chance to look at it. finally the manager went out and did a preliminary check, and said that the problem could be related to the timing belt. he didn't know for sure yet. the customer requested an estimate for the worse case scenario which we supplied her with. she told us not to touch the vehicle, and left. she called back to check for any engine codes and there wasn't any. she informed us not to work on it, that she would have it towed out. 3 days later she had it towed out. i don't understand why the customer is requested us to pay for the repairs made at another shop. we did not charge her for any diagnostics or any repairs."

Timing Belt of 2000 Kia Sportage that Grimes said needed replacing
Timing Belt of 2000 Kia Sportage that Grimes said needed replacing | Source
Grimes says, “There is no markings on your belt, your belt is worn, you need to replace it.” A lie implying that the brand labeling scan code times the car.
Grimes says, “There is no markings on your belt, your belt is worn, you need to replace it.” A lie implying that the brand labeling scan code times the car. | Source

My response to the online BBB Midas response on November 28, 2012.

[1]The one thing Steve Grimes and I do both agree on is that there was never a diagnosis.

[2] It was a Friday on 9/28/2012

[3] Why did a manager without mechanical skills amazingly did a so-called 'preliminary check' before opening the hood? He didn't. Bottom line is Grimes refused service because I came in there asking for Midas to honor the 90 day labor warranty from 7/2/12 invoice #0300649. He intended to delay any repairs until 10/2/2012 to get from underneath honoring any labor warranty as required by law.

[4] Steve Grimes of Midas justifies his total fabrication with a weak and sorry excuse that he doesn't understand why I should be compensated for a breach of contract on his part because it was a busy Saturday. Apparently his skills as a Midas manager is matched by his calendar reading skills.

For every person who complains, there are 26 who do not.

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Original complaint to Midas headquarter & AZ AG

Request compensation from Midas for the following deceptive practices that were made in bad faith.

1. Breach of contract due to refusal to honor 90 day labor warranty by not using using industry standard diagnostics and techniques according to ASE Certification.
2. Crooked counterfeit diagnosis of a fictitious fault, “solved” by an spurious expensive repair.
3. It is incredulous to believe that a manager who owns a repair shop would demonstrate such gross and utter incompetence and if it this is shown to be true then should have his ASE certification revoked. If not true then Grimes was swindling me.

9.28.2012 Friday

9:00 AM 2000 Kia Sportage towed to Midas because still under 90 day labor warranty for replacing spark plug and wires. The reason being that the engine cranked vigorously yet would not start and I suspected a poor electrical connection. I showed Steve Grimes invoice #0300649 and said that my car cranks but won't turn over.

11:00 AM Grimes opens hood of car in parking lot, disconnects battery, (thereby killing all stored trouble codes), removes 4 bolts of the timing belt cover and says to me, “There is no markings on your belt, your belt is worn, you need to replace it.” Grimes said that the timing mark was “rubbed off because the belt is so worn.”and "See the darker strips where the teeth are on the other side? It's worn." Grimes gave me a $673 estimate. After calling a friend, I then asked Grimes, “If the belt is bad – isn't it most likely that there would be bent lifters?" Steve replied that he would have to do a 'top dead center' to check for leaks.

On Sunday, 10.14.2012, realized that Grimes was wrong because a 2000 Kia Sportage according to is a freewheeling engine and is NOT an interference engine where a skipped or broken timing belt would be a catastrophic failure.

Noon Called and said to Grimes, “Don't do anything thing to it yet, leave the timing belt cover off, and put the bolts in the passenger compartment.” I told him “I'm going down there with a friend to check if the cam shafts are turning while my friend tries to start the car to see if belt is broken or has stripped teeth as you said.” I asked Steve: "You did say the teeth were stripped?", and he answered “Yes.” even though he never said that to me. What he had said was that the “timing belt was worn due to no white marks” Grimes then said that he had “already put back everything back together”. He said that I told him to do that – but I didn't.

On Saturday 9.29.2012, realized Grimes lied when he said, already put back everything back together because he didn't.

1:30 PM I called Midas, asked Joey, the mechanic, “to check with diagnostic meter and to call me back.” but Midas never called back.

4:00 PM I called Midas and Joey said to me that he “didn't pull any diagnostic engine check codes” when he checked the car.

On Saturday 9.29.2012, realized Joey lied about checking engine codes because the battery was still disconnected.

9.29.2012 Saturday

11:00 AM After I picked up car key and invoice # 0302132, I opened up the hood and the bolts were barely hanging onto the timing belt cover. I tightened bolts and reconnected battery myself. Closed the hood and locked the car and left it over night at Midas parking lot to be towed on Sunday. At this time there was no signs of a boiled over battery with acid corrosion all over the wires on Saturday.

Sunday, 9.30.2012

Towed to another repair shop because I was given an estimate hundreds less to replace timing belt – if that was the problem. I did not open the hood of my car on Sunday.

Monday, 10.1.2012

At other repair shop, Chris told me that the battery was boiling over with battery acid, (probable overcharge), after replacing battery, cleanup and checking of wiring and connectors - the car started and ran just fine. The basic problem was fixed: a poor electrical connection. I have since operated the car without problems.

Wednesday 10..3.2012

With the new battery and Chris who had disconnected and reconnected all wires during his testing - the car runs fine. The battery was $111.99 and with labor, supplies & taxes, the total bill was $385.06.

If Grimes had performed his duties in a normally expected manner by working in an acceptable and reasonable approach to diagnostics with integrity instead of running a racket then I would not have had to re-tow my car to another repair shop. Grimes had acted with malice with a specific intent to deceive. Either the dishonesty is standard operational procedure played out to all of Midas customers or I was discriminated against on the basis of sex, age, disability, race, color or citizenship. As shocking as this scenario is, it suits the known facts. Grimes is in charge of a shadowy operation and is most likely enforcing those who work under him to commit unethical activity in order to keep their jobs.

AZ SAG complaint form
Midas Invoice #0300649 7/2/12
Midas Repair Order #0302132 9/28/12 11:01AM
Midas Repair Order #0302132 9/28/12 11:04AM
Midas Invoice #030212 9/29/12
Monty's Motors Invoice #53576
Photograph of 2000 Kia Sportage timing belt that Steve Grimes said need to be replaced because the white timing marks are worn off.

Midas Rant

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Ask if you can get some grease with that shaft job


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  • ptosis profile image

    ptosis 4 years ago from Arizona

    I like Merle's repair in Siera Vista, AZ

  • ptosis profile image

    ptosis 5 years ago from Arizona

    Thanks Billybuc. It difficult to find good businesses - people write only about the bad ones online. :(

  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

    Good for you! Businesses need to be held accountable. I have done this myself with another company, and won. It could have all been avoided with an apology and decent work...I guess that was asking too much.