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Migthy Fixit Review - It does Fix It

Updated on October 9, 2011
Mighty Fixit Colored Duct Tape
Mighty Fixit Colored Duct Tape

Mighty Fixit Colored Duct Tape?

Finally, Mighty Fixit has arrived to save As Seen On TV products. When I saw the mighty fix it commercial I was stunned because this was the stupid stuff we are supposed to see late at night when we can barely keep our eyes open.

Lately, As Seen On TV has been pitching more serious products like Freedom Alert or Yudu Screen Printing Machinebut Mighty Fixit is the crap that As Seen on TV was built on. A True Miracle Product!

Who would have thought of making duct tape that actually works. Well, that's the idea behind the stuff but Mighty Fix it is a lot more and it's so cool. This product will sell millions of units and we're all gonna have some. It will be like the new WD40 or something.

But first, I would like to say how cool it is to see Anthony Sullivan pitching this product in the Mighty Fixit Commercial below. This is such a Billy Mays type of gadget and if he were alive you know he would be pitching this junk. Sullivan does a pretty good job floating through the sales pitch and keeping us interested. I always new he was more of the straight man, but he does a nice job here. Not that I was every a Billy Mays fan, but you definitely notice if he's in a campaign or not, and Sullivan seems to be moving on nicely.

Let's watch the Mighty Fix it commercial below so you can see what all this fuss is about.

Mighty Fixit Colored Duct Tape Commercial

Mighty FixIt Reviews - It's Not Colored Duct Tape

So now that you've seen it, what do you think? Awesome right? The mighty fixit reviews I read online sound too good to be true? But, who cares, the stuff is cool and guess what? It works.

Mighty Fixit is not duct tape but does all the things we've all tried to do with duct tape. Here's how it works.

Mighty Fixit will fix, seal and repair just about anything wet or dry as long as it can wrap around and adhere to itself. It is not TAPE, but a flexible silicone wrap which creates an air tight and water tight seal. All you need to do is stretch it and wrap it and let it fuse to itself. It's not sticky and there is no adhesive. It's not temporary like tape. While you wrap it around it takes the shape of the object it's fixing. So if you are fixing a leaky pipe, you wrap it a few times and create the seal. It works wet or dry.

Watch the commercial again and think of all the things you can use Mighty Fixit for. By the way, you'll never need it for all the dumb stuff in the video but that's what makes this a classic as seen on TV product. They claim it does everything but we won't need it for everything. It'll be great just to have this stuff around.

I doubt you can find mighty fixit in stores yet so you'll have to buy online for now.

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Mighty FixitMighty Fix ItMighty Fixit WorksFix Leaky Pipes with Mighty FixitMighty Fix it As Seen On TV
Mighty Fixit
Mighty Fixit
Mighty Fix It
Mighty Fix It
Mighty Fixit Works
Mighty Fixit Works
Fix Leaky Pipes with Mighty Fixit
Fix Leaky Pipes with Mighty Fixit
Mighty Fix it As Seen On TV
Mighty Fix it As Seen On TV

Buy Mighty Fixit For Your Duct Tape Projects

If you want to buy mighty fix it the standard offer I've seen around is two rolls for $19.95 + $8.95 shipping and handling. That seems pretty steep to me.

Buy Mighty Fixit

For a limited time (probably forever) if you order mighty fixit they will triple the offer for the same price. That means 6 rolls of the stuff or 60 feet of Mighty Fixit to wrap around broken things. Even at this price I know there gonna sell a ton of them.

So if you're one of those do it yourselfers or have to have the latest and greatest gadgets on the market go ahead and browse more or buy mighty fixit

Mighty Fixit Update

Mighty Fixit has been getting very popular lately. It's been months since this Mighty Fixit Hub was written and I've been noticing the commercial starring Anthony Sullivan running several times a night on cable channels. I'm not surprised because the stuff really works!

It's been 5 months since I wrapped Mighty Fix It around my windshield wiper hose and it is dry as a bone. In fact, I've forgotten about most of the places I tested out Mighty Fixit because there is no leakage anywhere. I'm going to have to retrace my steps and find my forgotten patch jobs because I'm interested to see how this product is holding up, but I'm under the opinion that if there were leaks or splits they would have revealed themselves by now.

Keep your eyes peeled for Mighty Fixit ads during your favorite shows!


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    • profile image

      ChunkStarr 6 years ago


    • profile image

      stacey 6 years ago

      this product absolutely, positively does NOT work. it's garbage. i used it to fix a leaky faucet and it still kept leaking after wrapping the product around it multiple times. do not waste your time or money!! you've been warned.

    • profile image

      john 6 years ago

      i agree shippin a rip off an how they push other products on the same order site an cant go back to cancel them

    • profile image

      michael 6 years ago

      what ti buy might tape

      call me 973-265=8995

      michael rossiello

    • profile image

      windly747blg 7 years ago

      I am in fact delighted to read this

      web site posts which consists of lots of helpful information, thanks for providing these statistics.

    • profile image

      KLeichester 7 years ago

      I think this is a good one. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thesource profile image

      Thesource 7 years ago

      I have noticed they use it to stop leaks in water-hose.

      Can anyone tell me if it can stop a similar leak from an oil hose going from the engine to the oil cooler in my old diesel Mercedes?

      Is it compatible with higher engine temperatures and engine oil?

    • profile image

      Sonny 7 years ago

      I'm with Bob and Mike on the S&H side of this. I'm sick of these companies making a ton of money, just by doubling the order and charging S&H twice, for about 5 times what it actually costs them to process and ship it. So, I to will wait for it to hit the shelves locally.

    • profile image

      Frank McDermott 7 years ago

      Contact BP and introduce your Mighty fix it to repair oil break

    • profile image

      chi 7 years ago

      just called them to ask how long the tape is. they told me 10 feet. s.eems like john knows more than the company

    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      There's all of six feet in a roll - an absolute ripoff. As well, there is no mention on the "official" site of UL listing or of its tested electrical properties - if it's not a certified electrical insulator, then it can't safely be used for electrical repairs. I think the science is great, the claims are wishful thinking, and the quantity a disgrace.

    • profile image

      Bob 7 years ago

      I agree with Mike. There is no option for selecting just 3 rolls; you have to buy six and pay double S&H. So, I'll just wait until they in the Walgreen "As Seen On TV" aisle!

    • profile image

      mike 7 years ago

      the product may be OK but beware the web order ... when you select one order ($10 plus $6 S/H), you're asked how many additional sets you want (with $6 S/H for each) and there is NO option for none (i.e., if you only want one order for $10 plus S/H). The scam kicks in and most will take the least trouble approach and select (at least) two orders.

    • profile image

      AFMech 7 years ago

      This tape is nothing new. Just google F4 tape. AF aircraft mechanics have used it for 30-40 years.

    • profile image

      Kelly R Hoose 7 years ago

      It's "not" just shipping fee it's handling fees as well someone has to work in the warehouse and pack it and label it and ship it...

      However this site seems to be more or a hype page then a fair and unbiased review