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Military Junkyards and Graveyards for Scrap Vehicles, Tanks, and Jeeps

Updated on April 18, 2018
Tank Cemetary
Tank Cemetary

Military Vehicle Graveyards for Trucks, Jeeps, and Tanks

Military vehicles of all descriptions have been stockpiled in case of war. When those wars are over (or never actually begin), what happens to those vehicles? They are simply scrapped or left to rot where they stand.

That means an estimated trillion dollars every year thrown onto the scrap heap. Add that amount to the cost of mothballed fleets and aircraft graveyards, and the amount is ridiculous, especially considering the current financial climate.

During World War II, a jeep was manufactured, on average every thirty minutes and an aircraft every thirty seconds in the USA. This amounts to a massive build-up of military vehicles which were shipped around the world.

Many still remain in isolated places where they were last used. Too expensive to move or to scrap, they are simply left to rot in fields, jungles, and on disused military bases.

Tank Graveyard
Tank Graveyard

World War Two Vehicle Graveyards

World War Two produced millions of military vehicles of all descriptions. Many of the later models never saw action— because the wars were ending, but also because technological advances superseded each new model as they were rolling off the production line.

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Soviet Tank Cemetaries

Throughout history, nations have tried to conquer each other. Genghis Khan, the Romans, and even the British went for global domination. The Russians have also given it a go, but the battle scars and cost of war have also been too much for them.

Afghanistan has become littered with the wrecked or rotting hulks of many Russian tanks, left abandoned after the Soviets retreated. Russia 40th army invaded in 1979 to help support a communist government.

By 1989, Russia announced that ll soviet troops were now out of Afghanistan. During the 10 year war, Russia lost 333 helicopters and 118 jets.

Tanks were found to be almost useless in the Afghanistan terrain. Hit and run attacks by the guerrilla fighters with anti-tank weapons provided by the USA took their toll.

Many crews simply abandoned their tanks rather than get stuck in the mountain passes.

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The Middle East

Kuwait, Iran, and Iraq have become the world's largest military vehicle junkyards. Hundreds if not thousands of tanks, trucks, and jeeps litter those dessert areas. After the two Gulf Wars, many tanks were just left abandoned in Iraq, some were damaged beyond repair, others were just abandoned by the crew for fear of being killed.

Israel also has a fair amount of leftover tanks that are too expensive to scrap— sounds ridiculous, but it is true.

An average tank cemetery can hold approximately 100 tanks, with many holding over 1000. After battles in Iraq, nearly all of the damaged vehicles were left where they stood. A testament to all who gaze on them of the might of the US air force.

Iraq Tank Graveyard
Iraq Tank Graveyard
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The USA is no stranger to wasting materials in their fight to rid the world of oppressors. Obsolete tanks and military vehicles of all descriptions are abandoned in foreign countries as they would be to expensive to hip back home. The weapons are stripped from them as well as any sensitive hardware, before they are left where they stand.

It is too expensive and not worth the hassle to ship these vehicles back to the States. If there was a way for a person to collect these rotting hulks cheaply, then they could make a fortune from the several million tons of scrap iron lying around the world.

During times of conflict, technological advances on weaponry supersedes the rate at which a tank can be manufactured. Once a new tank is in action, it has already been superseded on the drawing board.


Many of the countries at war are beautiful. They have sandy beaches, clear warm oceans, vast forests, and mountainous regions. The people of those countries would benefit from laying down their weapons and opening up to tourism.

Millions of people wish to visit Egypt, or the birthplace of Christ, but won't because of the dangers. Stopping the violence would benefit everybody, reduce the death toll, stop the illegal trade in arms, and allow everybody to enjoy the Earth the way it should have always been.


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    • profile image

      James Plunk 

      14 months ago

      All to many US military or government vehicles, planes, tanks and most equipment can not be sold except through special approved companies. Jeeps and some other vehicles and trailers are not allowed to be sold due to liability laws and the fact some people have misused government sold equipment then suing the government for their own stupid lack of responsibility.

    • profile image

      Richard M Brown 

      19 months ago

      we are interested in purchasing military scrap to be used as obstacles in our American Battle History laden paintball park

    • profile image

      james deane 

      19 months ago

      i want to buy a mb jeep i love the history

    • profile image


      21 months ago

      Amazing to think almost 640,000 Jeeps were produced during WW2. Mostly by Willys-Overland but a significant number by Ford too. Some have interesting history, Rough Rider for one, check out

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I am looking for a piece of a WWII Sherman tank to melt down and make a wedding ring for my soon to be husband! Any clue to where I can purchase this?

    • profile image

      shawn streb 

      2 years ago

      im looking for scrap tank ,plane 'or cannon for donation for a military section in cemetery can anyone help honor these vets

    • profile image

      George Helterbrand 

      2 years ago

      How can I buy a old jeep cheap and sent to me with out having to pay with a arm and leg , I service in the military for 38 year and you are showing these jeep setting in a junk yard ????????

    • profile image


      2 years ago


    • profile image

      aaron whitney 

      2 years ago

      I'm looking for old scrap airplanes, jeeps, trucks, tanks ect for an airsoft field. can anyone help me? dose any one know where these yards are?

    • profile image

      SEAkitties (stephen G) 

      3 years ago

      looking for a BT-42 w/ Christie suspension. yes I am being very specific bout my tank! a Christie suspension has tires instead of metal wheels and they allow the tank to still move without their treads.

    • profile image


      3 years ago


    • profile image

      Waylon Blake 

      3 years ago

      Looking for old junk tanks ,trucks, helicopters, for Air Soft Facility for props they will be stationary and not be rebuilt.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I am looking for military parts/equipment related to tanks in KY. Do you know of any yards there?

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I am with the city of Deadwood in South Dakota and we are looking for pettibone crane parts. its a military crane and we need a outrigger hydraulic cylinder. Now of any?


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