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Minnesota Musing: A Holes on the Road - Driving Rights

Updated on April 7, 2018


There are drivers who drive super close to the rear bumper of the car in front of them. Mostly, they seem to do it to intimidate the person into going a little faster. If the person is easily intimidated, the speeds could get to be rather treacherous.

Now, if that person has dealt with an A hole previous, they will start to drive slower and slower. I'm sure they do it intentionally, just to make the person behind a little more aggressive. Usually, it creates a passer.


Now, a passer will go to any length to pass your car.

First they'll inch up on your back bumper, and then, you'll watch them pass on the left side of your car. Usually, their speed will be at least 20 MPH faster than what you are currently driving. It usually feels like they are passing you and you are standing still.

Funny thing is about passers. They will doggedly tailgate and then pass in a great flourish, but, many times - a couple minutes later, you will catch up to them at a stop light or a stop sign.

Funny how that works.

The other day, it was snowing and blowing and I was behind someone going the speed limit and I settled in behind them, leaving them a good five car lengths space in between us.

The car behind me, however, decided to pass both of us. It was in the space minutes before a sign that proclaimed No Passing Zone. You've seen those signs. They are big and yellow and they announce that the road has been marked with double yellow or yellow on our side stripes.

For some reason, the car passed all of us, and then, immediately after - took a right turn onto a road to our right.

Does that make any sense at all to anyone? Why do people do that?

Talk Zone

Perhaps the solution is to install radios that are space sensitive into the cars. We have those deer squawkers on the vehicles to warn deer not to cross in front of our cars. Heaven knows how effective they are. There's no way to test them.

But, a radio that wifi's with another car, and bluetooths into the dashboards, so that the person can rudely ask you, why you are driving the way you are driving. Perhaps, road rage would increase, but perhaps those people who consider themselves to be the ultimate drivers, would then get their opportunity to be boss on the highway.

Yeah. They could vent their frustration to the driver ahead and get an answer from them.

Scanner Blue Tooth Patrol

Now, mind you, the blue tooth speakers would also be connected to the police patrolling the area and would incriminate those A holes into a ticket. It might hurt a few feelings for the A holes to get a ticket.

But, smile, who cares about the A holes feelings?

Do we?


How about the drivers who are driving in the passing lane, and can't seem to get their speed up enough to pass you. So they drag on for miles, in the left lane next to your car, just idling there at your speed next to your car.

They are annoying. They seem to sit there, just driving, and most of the time, those drivers act like you don't exist.

These are the drivers that I do not appreciate. Some, if they decide to get out of the lane, will speed up just enough to clear your front bumper and then, they'll pull in front of you real close. Most of the time, it requires you to hit the brakes and slow down.

One person, that was driving close to me, in the left lane was probably shocked when I accelerated to just in front of that person, and then, hit the brakes so that my car dropped speed to behind them. They must have thought I was crazy, so they accelerated and actually drove fast enough to get out of sight.

A Joke

I do have a driving joke to tell you. There was an older man who went to a distant town to pick up something for his wife. It was a four lane, so he needed to cross to the other side to head left. You know the routine. Wait for cars, cross in the middle, wait for cars to the right and enter to the left.

Well, apparently, his wife was listening to the scanner broadcast and heard that there was a vehicle, in their area, driving the wrong way down the freeway. So, she called him on his car phone and warned him that there was some crazy driver to watch out for, driving the wrong way down the freeway, and to be careful.

He pondered this for a moment and said, "No, there's hundreds of theml!"

A Hole Drivers



There are videos of every type of bad driving, which makes one wonder if it's like everything else. Someone glorifies it and makes a video and then, all the A holes wish to compete and make their own movies.

Well. I don't appreciate it.

Is it Me?

I know that some people find people who drive slow on the roads and pass them.

I don't usually see people in front of me when I'm driving. I usually have a string of cars behind me.


Does that me me an A hole as well?


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