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Mitsubishi admitted fraud check fuel consumption, more than 600,000 vehicles are affected

Updated on April 21, 2016

The official press said that Mitsubishi has made the test not correct in order to obtain fuel consumption results better than the reality. And Mitsubishi's test methods also differed from the provisions of the law of Japan Mitsubishi's senior officials have apologized to customers and shareholders for this scandal.

The car model is in questionable form is eK Wagon and eK Space along Nissan Roox, Dayz and Dayz assembled by Mitsubishi and Nissan offer from June 2013.

An estimated 157,000 Mitsubishi eK Wagon and eK model Space along 468,000 model Nissan Roox Dayz and involved Dayz service fraud in fuel consumption, so the total number of vehicles affected is 625,000 vehicle.
Soon after service fraud initiative, both Mitsubishi and Nissan had to stop selling the car model is located in, and the two companies are discussing about the compensation.

This incident is also becoming more serious with Mitsubishi when in the internal investigation found that the test method of fuel consumption "fraud" has also been applied to some model cars were assembled for the Japanese market.

Mitsubishi will simultaneously make an inquiry with the model cars sold outside Japan and founded a Committee a consists of the professionals to learn about this incident.

At this moment not yet able to assess the extent of damage of this fraud scandal, but the consequences will certainly be very large, up to billions of DOLLARS because of the fines as well as court costs.

As soon as the information service fraud, shares of Mitsubishi Motors fell 15% on the floor of the Tokyo khoàn syndrome. This is the deepest of the day reduced levels of Mitsubishi since 2004.


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