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Monster Jam

Updated on January 11, 2015

If you are looking for an adventure that your entire family can enjoy, you may want to visit Monster Jam. This show is put on all over the country as thousands of people maneuver to the arena to view these monster trucks, and that's not all they have to offer. Monster Jam provides racing and extreme events from all sizes of vehicles. The first portion of the show allows you to visit each racer and get a close up look at all of the vehicles, while getting autographs from the contestants. From ATV's and dirt bikes to the beasts of trucks, you will see crashes, collisions and ground-breaking stunts. If this sounds like your kind of sport, then you need to check out Monster Jam. Oh, and don't forget to bring your earplugs.

The First Half

The show is typically split into two parts, each lasting about two hours. During the first half of the show, you will be visiting with each of the contestants that you wish to see. This part will take place in the pits, or down on the racing course. They will be standing next to their vehicle, as you line up to get an autograph. While visiting, you may ask questions or even request to see inside of the racer's vehicle. There will be stands for buying merchandise and memorabilia in this area. Once this part of the show is over, there will be a brief intermission while the racetrack is being prepared.

The Second Half

For the beginning of the second half, the ATV's will begin the show by starting their races. Each race is normally three laps around the track with obstacles for the racers to face. The first place winner will be the one to move to the next race. It is designed as any other tournament, where winner will be moved to the next competition in the next designated location. Whoever wins these races in the finals will be the winner of that event for that year. Shortly followed by the ATV's is the dirt bikes, who will perform stunts while soaring through the air off of an inclined ramp.

The monster trucks will also perform a race. This race involves one and a half laps around the track while crushing obstacles and leaping through the air. The racer with the fastest track time will be the winner for the event and move to the next competition. Once this event is over, the freestyle portion of the event starts. This is ninety seconds of complete destruction by hovering through the air, crashing into everything, and trying to roll your vehicle over. The competitor with the most stunts and damage will be considered winner. This is the one event that is rated by a panel of six judges. The highest and lowest scores are automatically removed from the scoring and the remaining four scores will be what is left to rate each racer. Whatever vehicle is still mobile at the end of ninety seconds will receive an automatic thirty seconds of 'bonus time'. One judge will rate the bonus round and will only be able to add up to an additional five points to the total score. This is by far the most death-defying event at the Monster Jam, so be sure to save your camera battery for some great collision footage.

Additional Information

When sharing photos or videos about your experience you had while at Monster Jam, be sure to add the hashtag #MyMonsterJam and your footage may have a chance to be featured on the Monster Jam website. You can learn more about Monster Jam at Visit the website for showtimes and tickets in your area.


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