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Mopar or No Car

Updated on July 18, 2013

Mopar or No Car

"They once roamed the face of the North American continent in great numbers. They were awesome, powerful beasts, shaking the earth beneath them. While they existed, they were feared by the weak. Their stay on this planet was brief - less than two decades. They are gone now - extinct. A few remain, like massive metal dinasaurs. They were the Mighty Mopars, and we will never see their like again."

Source Unknown

Mopar - American Muscle

Inventor of the Muscle Car and Pony Car...

Chevrolet might claim to be "The Heartbeat of America" but if you want a true American muscle car you can't do better than a Mopar. The first American Muscle Car - the 1955 Chrysler 300 - was a Mopar. The first American Pony Car - the 1964 Plymouth Barracuda - was a Mopar. The first affordable muscle car was Mopar's 1967 Plymouth Road Runner. Mopar was the first (and only) auto maker to make a V8 Hemi - the engine that dominates top level drag racing classes - widely available in street cars. Richard Petty, probably the best Stock Car driver in history, could have chosen to drive for any manufacturer. Who did he choose to drive for? Mopar.

Chicks Dig Mopars - Face it Chevy boys, Mopars are the ultimate babe magnets...

Mopar Muscle - 50 Years of Mopar History

If you're a Mopar fan you'll love this book. Mopar Muscle: Fifty Years covers Mopar history from the introduction of the Chrysler 300 in 1955 through the modern era of the Viper, Crossfire, and Chrysler's new Hemi design. Besides being a great addition to your personal library, it also makes a great gift for any Mopar lover.

World's First Muscle Car - With the C-300, Chrysler invents the Muscle Car...

Chrysler C300 - the Original Muscle Car
Chrysler C300 - the Original Muscle Car

Chrysler C-300 - Who invented the Muscle Car? Mopar... Mopar...

In 1955, Mopar introduced the Chrysler C-300, the first car in Chrysler's "letter series" and the first Muscle Car ever made. In other words, Mopar invented the Muscle Car. Not Ford, not GM... Mopar. Chrysler billed the C-300 as a luxury performance car, but it was really a race car sold for street use so it could meet NASCAR's homologation rule. It came with a 331 cubic inch FirePower Hemi V8 that had dual 4 bbl carbs, a race pattern solid lifter cam, high performance exhaust system, and a race style suspension. Mirrors were removed to decrease drag. The engine made 300 horse power and the Chrysler C-300 used it to attain over 127 mph in the flying mile. Eventually Chrysler's Letter Series became the first American production car to top 360 horse power, and it was the most powerful car produced in the United States for many years.

Plymouth Barracuda

Mopar invents the Pony Car

In 1964 Plymouth introduced the Barracuda, the world's first Pony Car. The first Barracuda was really just a styling make-over of Plymouth's Valiant, adding a fast back roof line and trim changes. In 1967 the Barracuda was redesigned; although it remained an A Body, it shared no sheet metal with the Valiant. In addition to the fast back, the second generation Barracuda was also available as a coupe (notch back) or convertible. For 1970, the Barracuda was again redesigned with new styling and a new chassis (which it shared with the Dodge Challenger). With the new body style, the Barracuda started to move out of Pony Car territory and into the Muscle Car range, though it was no larger than comparable Mustangs and Camaros. Many consider the E Body Mopars to be the most beautiful Muscle Car ever produced.

The 60's - Mopar's Hottest Decade - Mopar History 1962 - 1972

Mopar: The Performance Years covers the hottest decade in Mopar's performance history from about 1962 through 1972. Small blocks, big blocks and Hemis are covered. Mopar drag racing, street cars, and Salt Flat racing - it's all here. This book would make a great addition to your library or the perfect gift for the Mopar lover in your life.

Mopar Alphabet

A Body, B Body, C Body...

Like other American car makers, Mopar assigned letters to their various body styles. "A Bodies" were the smallest of the Mopars. These were the Dodge Dart and Plymouth Valiant (also the original Barracuda). The A Body Mopars are fairly small and light, so they make a good foundation for building a fast drag car. Early versions had a narrow engine compartment so fitting headers can be a problem. The A Bodies also make great daily drivers with a mild 318 or a Slant Six.

Mopar Or No Car - Told ya... hot chicks LOVE Mopars...

Mopar Performance History - 50 Years of Mopar Muscle


Thanks for visiting my lens. I hoped you learned some of the reasons why Mopar rules and other cars uhmmm... don't.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Through my research and a little investigating, I found out the band, Slant 6, actually existed in the Seattle area several years ago according to it's lead singer,Craig Martin, who also wrote the title track, Mopar or No Car, along with all the remainder of the songs on their one & only CD. They were put together just for fun and several background singers are indeed members of the Mopars Unlimited Car Club - Seattle Chapter. The band can be reached at: for any purchases of this CD.

    • CarolynPile profile image

      CarolynPile 5 years ago

      While searching online for parts, I was saddened and surprised that there is no longer a Chrysler dealership in Sacramento.