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More trucking in Western Australia

Updated on December 18, 2010

From the dirt to the bitumen

This will just be a short hub, hopefully with a couple of videos about part of the truck driving process here in Western Australia.

When travelling on dirt roads, the dust created by all the axles and dual wheels is amazing. Buckets (actually kilos) of dust gets caught up in and around the rims of the wheels and if not removed one way or another when coming off the dirt and returning to the bitumen, can greate a bit of a health and driving hazard to other drivers along the way.

The hazard is not so much immediate as a hazard later. For example, because the dust is held out on the rims of the truck or trailer by centifugal force while the vehicle is in motion, when you slow down and stop, like at a road house to get fuel up, all the dust then falls on to the pavement at the fuel bowsers and creates a significant problem.

In fact, the BP Roadhouse at Capricorn (right on the tropic of Capricorn) in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, has a sign to say that truck drivers that have not dusted off their wheels will not be served. And as I think about that, the last time I fueled up there about 2 weeks ago, a guy came racing down to my truck on a quad bike and checked out all the wheels. It was after that that I read the sign mentioned above. Anyway, he must have been satisfied because he raced off just as quickly as he came, and later I saw him behind the counter at the roadhouse when I went in to pay!

So, what I hope to up load are two short videos of the one way to dust off the wheels of a truck and trailer. It's the lazy way because you don't get out of the truck.

Just come to a stop.

Go into reverse and go back slowly

Stop and go forward again and repeat part one.

The other time honoured method, is to stop, hop out, grab a wheel brace or some other heavy object and go around the truck and trailer and bang the rim of each wheel, which will casue most of the dust to fall, return to the cab and drive off slowly.

If you are really serious, you can get a brush out and brush each one off!

Any way, check this out and see what you think.


Dags the Drover

Dusting off the wheels part 1

Dusting off the wheels part 2


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    • dags the drover profile imageAUTHOR

      dags the drover 

      7 years ago from still lost in Western Australia

      Hi Leon, thanks for your comments and encouragement. I've just come home form a 6400 kilometre trip ofver the last 6 days and love it. Cheers Dags

    • profile image

      Leon Bentley 

      7 years ago

      Thanks for this write-up on Trucking. Trucking jobs are very important, although frequently overlooked in our nation. Our nation needs to aid the trucking industry to help keep our nation improving.


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