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Best Car To Buy in India 2013 |Most Fuel Efficient Cars in India

Updated on December 25, 2012

Cars With Best Mileage in India

Price rise for common goods have become an everyday sight in India. And among them fuel prices are always on the high. This article consolidates the most fuel efficient cars in India for 2013. Buying a vehicle with good mileage is a good weapon against your battle with price rise. By the way, this consolidation is exclusively focused on hatch back cars.

Tata Indigo Manza Diesel
This is one of the best cars from Tata Motors . It has spacious interiors and superb luxury for drivers. It gives a mileage of up to 21.3 km per liter of diesel. It has a reliable quadrajet diesel engine that gives it such stunning fuel efficiency. It’s price starts at 7,20,000 and with all the great features its worth the deal.

Tata Indigo Manza Diesel Mileage : 21.3 km/Litre
Tata Indigo Manza Diesel Price : 7 to 8 Lakhs

Chevorlet Beat Diesel
Chevorlet Beat Petrol is one of the most popular luxury cars in India. After getting lot favouritism from foreign countries Beat has gladly conquered the hearts of Indians too. With the launch of Diesel version Beat, they’ve redefined the affordability of luxury. Such an awesome drive for unbelievably low investment and even lower fuel costs have made Beat the #1 choice for the most fuel efficient cars in India.

Although the resale value of Chevorlet vehicles are comparatively lower it’s worth the money. Unlike other manufacturers, Chevorlet have an awesome policy of giving warranty for 3 years or the first 1 lakh Kilometers of ride (whichever is first). If you are a person who wouldn’t prefer a car change for the next 3 years but prefer a royal ride for time . Chevorlet Beat is a good option for you.

Chevorlet Beat Diesel Mileage: 24 km/ Litre
Chevorlet Beat Diesel Price : 4.29 to 5.49 Lakhs

Maruti Swift Diesel

Swift was one of the bestselling car’s in India. It’s sales have made records at time. The competitior for Maruti Swift is Tata Indica and Swift have won in every-way. The vast network of Maruti offers easy customer care and support for the owner.

Maruti Swift Diesel Mileage : 14 Kmpl in City / 20 Kmpl in Highways
Maruti Swift Diesel Price : 6.3 to 6.8 Lakhs

Volkswagon Polo Diesel

Volkswagon Polo was launched as a competition from Volkswagon to a the mid-sized hatch back cars like Swift, Hundai i10, Chevorlet Beat etc. The Volkswagon is power packed with Style, Latest Technology, Efficiency and Perfomance all in one. The superior quality of Volkswagon (German engineering) is the biggest highlight. The Polo is also designed with superior safety features like ABS (Anti - Lock braking system), Central locking and air bags.

Volkswagon Polo Diesel Mileage : 12.5 kmpl in City / 16 kmpl in Highways
Volkswagon Polo Diesel Price : 6. 3 to 7. 4 Lakhs

Ford Figo Diesel

Ford’s investment of a huge $ 500 Million in Indian market says how it plans to take over the car market with other players like Maruti, Honda and Chevorlet. They Ford Figo is well known for its easy handling and descent mileage of 15 Kmpl. It has a really spacious interior, automatic climate control and external temperature display. Ford has superior quality of drive and awesome perfomace talent even in worst road and weather conditions.

Ford Figo Diesel Mileage : 12.5 Kmpl in City / 15.5 Kmpl in Highway
Ford Figo Diesel Price : 3.7 - 5.8 Lakhs

Hyundai EON Diesel

Hyundai EON is modelled with the new Hyundai’s Fluidic philosophy of making stylish models (like Verna) without compromising on performance. It’s a cool car to own and worth the money. It has nothing to do with their previous models like Santro and i10. The Hyundai EON offers excellent mileage and come’s with all the latest technology features built-in.

Hyundai EON Diesel Mileage: 15 Kmpl in City / 21 Kmpl in Highways
Hyundai EON Diesel Price : 3.25 to 4.25 Lakhs

Suzuki Alto Petrol

The Alto , successor of Maruti 800 was one of the bestselling cars in India. Alto has even made it to the newspaper by setting a record fuel efficiency of 46 Kmpl on mileage race competition in Bhuvaneshwar.
Suzuki Alto Mileage ( Petrol ) : 20 Kmpl in City / 26 Kmpl in Highways
Suzuki Alto Price : 2.4 to 3.3 Lakhs

If you have more suggestions on the most fuel efficient cars in India do share it with other on the comment box below! Click ‘Like’ button at the top of this page to Share this article in facebook with your friend’s who would be desperately looking for ways to battle the price hike.


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