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Elena Myers, the youngest champion from USA

Updated on February 7, 2015

How did she start?

To be more precise, her first ride, as passenger, was at 7 years. After a short time, she received a pocket bike in order to get used with 2-wheels riding. It didn't last too long until she raced at 50 cmc and 60 cmc classes. After that, she changed her little motorcycle with a Suzuki RM 80. Her first race was in Portland, in 2005. Although she was only 11 years, she finished it with 20 seconds earlier than all her competitors. She was the youngest female motorcyclist from Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association.

From 125 cmc to 600 cmc

After she attended at 125 cmc class from MotoGP, Elena changed again her motorcycle with a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R. In the same period, Kawasaki and Pirelli sponsored her in 2007-2008. It seems like this model didn't bring her too much luck, because in 2007 she broke a finger and in 2008 she had an accident which kept her away from racing for 6 weeks.

Elena Myers, the youngest champion


Talkative with her fans

According to her official site, she is the 10th from the "Most popular interactive athletes" from the motorcycle roadracing. She won this distinction from Hookit, which observe the interaction between fans from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the athletes. On the same top are Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez


Who supported her?

Her passion for motorcycles came from her father, so he was her first sponsor. On the beginning, he was the coach and the mechanic. Gradually, in time, he reduced his role, due to Elena' sponsors.

Her most weird and, maybe, her first important company which supported her was Umbrella Girls USA, a modelling agency.

From 2007, Kawasaki started helping her. One year later, Pirelli joined her, too. Together, these two companies created some ads where it was emphasized the fact that Elena is a woman and she's young.

After her victory on the 600 cmc motorcycle, Suzuki colored their site pink, in her honor.

Beside the fact that giant motorcycles producers compete to sponsor her, she has a campaign where normal people may donate 15$ for her.

Does she still have a personal life?

Is this so important for you? OK, I'll tell you some details.

Since she started when she was a teenage, you need some information about her high school. She studied at California's Liberty High School District and graduated in 2011. It seems like races wasn't an impediment for her to study, if we take into account that she was an A student.

Another spicy information is on her official site. There it is written that she's single. Nobody knows why, but for some of her fans, it is good to know.

What about her biggest succeses?

She participated at AMA Supersport Championship, at Infineon Raceway, California, in May 2010. Due to crashes, the red flag stopped the race on the lap 10 from 18. On that moment, she was the first, so she won the race. What does she has to say about this.

"I got a good restart off the front row and made some moves. I felt like I was getting a little bit closer to the leader with about eight or nine laps to go. I came around the next lap and the red flag was shown again"


After 2 years, she won the second very important race. It happened on March 17, 2012 at Daytona International Speedway, in SuperSport Race 2. The time difference between her and the second racer was only .240 seconds. What does she think about that?

"It was a phenomenal race. I stayed up there and led a little bit, then stayed behind just to see how much I could be behind and still catch up. Everyone's bikes were really fast but mine was too."


How come she had such a big successful? Well, she does weightlifting, cardio training and travels for the road races.

I want more information about Elena Myers

Let's make an exchange. I will give you some sites where you may find more official details about her. Meanwhile, you will write a comment with any juicy news about her, right?

I will start. You will find her on:

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