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Where to Find Motorbikes For Sale

Updated on September 10, 2010

Motorbikes are a common vehicle worldwide and there are many places to buy them from new and second hand, it can be confusing and having such a wide choice can actually make he process take longer than anyone wants to spend.

I would advise choosing a motorbike before going out to buy one if possible. If you want a Harley Davidson Screamin Eagle for example then it makes it easier when looking and hopefully you won't get distracted by other models after making your choice!

I know it's human nature to just wander and look before making a decision (and often advised) so it's not always practical to choose a motorbike before setting out to buy one, in which case it's probably a good idea to try a few where possible and then look around for one that suits you best.

Main and Second Hand Motorbike Dealers

The first question you should answer yourself is how old of a vehicle you want. Motorbike dealers (whether second hand private places or main dealers) will not often have stock over 5 years, there isn't enough profit in it for them - however a private seller or auction house would quite happily take anything they can get for their old motorbike.

New Models:

For a new model motorbike it is nearly always best to go to a main dealer, that is where new model motorbikes go after all! The only other place you will find new motorbikes for sale is (seldom) in second hand locations like motor ad's. The only reason I can think of you finding one here though is due to the seller winning it in a competition and letting it go because they don't want it.

There are private companies that also sell motorbikes new, usually tied with a financial agreement (like a lease) so they get more out of their sales long term, this also allows consumers to get the motorbikes on a deal a main dealer won't allow them to go too.

Up to 5 Years Old Models:

Whilst motorbikes are sold newer more frequently than cars in comparison to the 5 year range (due to motorbikes being more likely to being in an accident) that means their is some bargains to be had in this range. So I will cover the locations to buy a motorbike in this age range.

Main dealers: Motorbikes taken in part exchange for newer models are common on main dealers fore courts. They are usually inspected and of good quality with history in tact, but being from a main dealer there is a premium over the same bike elsewhere. They often come with warranties in tact too. Most main dealers keep their own brand for sale, but you do occasionally find other brands for sale on them too.

Second Hand Dealers: Usually have the widest selection of motorbikes available, but won't have several colors of the same motorbike if you are after something specific. If you talk to an owner you can give them information on what you want and they will happily try their best to get you it in and make a sale.

Auction Houses: Auctions are the place to go to get bargains. You can often find newish motorbikes their and at dirt cheap prices. However there is no guarantee and you have to inspect the motorbike yourself to verify it is in good condition, which is not always advised to those with no mechanical knowledge or experience tinkering with vehicles. This also applies to online auctions like eBay.

Private sellers: These are guys wanting to get rid of their own motorbike to make way for a new one or another financial reason. Private sellers can be difficult to deal with and won't be willing to let the motorbike go at a really cheap price like an auction house, but can usually beat second hand dealers as they aren't trying to get a profit on what they bought it for.

Older than 5 Years

Motorbikes older than 5 years can be found from the same places as above except main dealers (except in rare circumstances - like they have just accepted a part exchange for one). However Auction houses and Private sellers are still your best bet as motorbikes get older they get more problematic, so the bigger dealers don't want to deal with them as they make enough selling newer models.

Looking For More?

By looking at this page I would guess you're in the market for a new motorbike, but you will be needing more than just the bike.

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