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Motorcycle Aftermarket Parts to Up the Speed on the Road

Updated on May 29, 2015

Long gone are the days when people could only buy one type of bike, the Universal Japanese Motorcycle. During the 80s, a craze erupted for superbikes that led manufacturers to start creating the different designs that are still popular today. One of the main attractions for many motorbike fanatics is the ability to show off their skills and speed, specifically when racing. The most commonly asked question about this biking industry is the best way to increase performance and enhance the power. There is the obvious suggestion to purchase a bike specifically designed with a high tolerance for rapidity and racing.

If you are looking to add proficiency without breaking the bank, there are many options in the way of aftermarket parts, which brings to light the age-old question: which are better? Aftermarket or manufacturer’s parts? Companies that specialize in aftermarket motorcycle parts, assure that OEM parts are not always the best option. What's the reason for this? Most motorbike manufacturers outsource the making of their parts to contractors, so they’re not even necessarily made by the company. Aftermarket parts manufacturers have to apply for the rights to make the parts, which are usually bound by strict guidelines to ensure top quality.

Let’s look at some of these key parts that will give a power boost like changing the exhaust and adding a power commander, which will increase the speed significantly, as it drops a significant amount of weight while improving the throttle response. Lighter wheels will enable you to glide along the road swiftly. Even though you will be forking over a bit more money as heavier wheels are a cheaper option, the investment will be worth it.

Adding suspension will change one of the most important elements of a motorbike, the handles. It will allow you to adjust the compression and help keep track of the input. Bike specialists can give expert advice and will give the motor a true power boost by re-building the engine. Be warned, this option is only recommended for the ultimate speed junkie and experienced drivers, people who go for it are looking to properly satisfy their need for speed.

Having a jet kit proves to be a massive benefit, as it improves efficiency while improving the power delivery. Along with this, fuel injection mapping is a popular choice for increasing the promptness of a motorbike, with one of the attractions being able to have complete control over fuel flow increments that can be found in the computer software. Aftermarket discs have recently come to light for being price efficient, providing good grip and being nice and light.

There is a great deal of tips and tricks to improving efficiency, resilience and enhancing power and speed while out on the road. Buying the bike and taking it for its first spin is half the fun. Modifying, tweaking and boosting the bike’s performance is when the real fun begins.


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