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Buy Motorcycle Gloves Online

Updated on December 6, 2010

Choosing Motorcycle Gloves

When choosing a good pair of riding gloves, you want to make sure that you pick a pair that not only feels comfortable but is going to effectively protect your hands on a ride.

There are many different features to consider, to include the material the gloves are made of, ventilation, knuckle protectors, and the wrist closure.

  • Many gloves are made of a premium cow hide leather, but you will find some that are made of premium deerskin, buffalo hide, elk, or goatskin.
  • There are, also, different lining material for different gloves. You may find gloves that are lined with micro-fleece, cotton, etc.
  • Consider gloves for different seasons. You can use a lighter more ventilated glove for spring and summer, but you'll want a heavier and thicker glove for fall and winter riding.
  • There are gloves that have kevlar knuckle protection, that you may find appealing. You may find gloves with different knuckle protection materials, which you can consider when looking riding gloves.
  • There are riding gloves that have are made with gauntlets that extend up to 4 inches past the wrist that will help protect any wrist injuries.
  • There are gloves with mesh backing to provide optimum ventilation. You can also find gloves with finger vents to offer more comfort while riding.
  • Consider gloves that have rain cover protection to prevent your hands from slipping while riding in a mist or rainy weather.

You can find motorcycle riding gloves priced between $20 and up. Depending on what you're looking for, the brand, and features, you'll find the prices will vary.

Just remember that you want to find a riding glove that feels comfortable on your hands. If you're not comfortable, then your ride won't be so safe.

Mens Motorcycle Riding Gloves


These gloves are made of 0.5mm leather and air mesh, which provide a pair of comfortable riding gloves with optimum ventilation and flexibility. The palms are ribbed for a strong grip, and the knuckles of vents. There are velcro straps on the wrist for the best fit.

Men's Carbon Fiber Genuine Motorcycle Leather Protective Racing Biker Gloves
Men's Carbon Fiber Genuine Motorcycle Leather Protective Racing Biker Gloves

These are made of quality 0.8mm cow hide leather that has a soft finish that is very flexible. There are ventilation inlets in each finger to provide enough air to keep your hands comfortable. There is scholler keprotec with carbon kevlar on the top of the knuckles with rubber air cushion under top guard for more protection. There are two adjustable velcro belts to make sure the perfect fit. There is a dual layer of leather and dual stitching in areas of high stress.


Womens Motocycle Gloves

Naked Cowhide Leather Gloves Lined M
Naked Cowhide Leather Gloves Lined M

These are a lighter pair of gloves that aren't quite as protective as one you typically prefer, but they are still a good riding glove. They have full finger gauntlet material with a premium leather lining and a micro-fleece lining closure.



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