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Sheepskin Seat Covers

Updated on July 7, 2014

Stop ‘Monkey Butt’ with Real Sheepskin Seat Covers

What exactly is 'Monkey Butt'? This is a slang term used to describe the sore irritated condition that can develop when you ride your bike long periods of time and sweat, heat and chafing can cause an uncomfortable rash. This causes the rider to walk straddler or bowlegged, looking like a monkey (chimpanzee) - hence the term 'monkey butt'.

Sheepskin seat covers actually help prevent irritation and friction when riding your motorcycle or bike. You might think that sounds crazy, that having a dead animal skin would help reduce heat and friction, but it does. Real sheepskin is a unique material in the sense that it has heating and cooling properties. (see below for further information on sheepskin wool)

Vinyl is not made of fabric so it does not breathe the way that fabric or fur allows. Most motorcycles have vinyl on the seats which will increase your likelihood of sweating. This is especially true for long rides. The natural sheepskin will not only feel more comfortable adding and additional cushioning to the seat, but it helps decrease sweat. The sheepskin’s wool has hollow fibers which allow it to absorb sweat instantly and omit it into the air up to seven times faster than other material. (this is only true with genuine sheepskin - not faux sheepskin).

Sheepskin's Attributes

The wool from real sheepskin is one of the world’s most technically advanced fibres. See below the benefits of sheepskin.

This is an image of a single magnified wool fibre, showing the incredible complexity of this miracle fibre. How fantastic of nature to provide all of these benefits in one tiny wool fibre!
This is an image of a single magnified wool fibre, showing the incredible complexity of this miracle fibre. How fantastic of nature to provide all of these benefits in one tiny wool fibre! | Source

A single sheepskin wool fibre can absorb up to 35% of its dry weight in moisture vapor. This means if you end up sweating while riding your bike, the sheepskin seat cover can actively transfers moisture vapor molecules away from your body. This will reduce the feeling of clamminess or sweat.

Benefits of Sheepskin

  • Natural Comfort
    Natural genuine sheepskin feels luxuriously soft, plush and comfortable.
  • Breathability
    Sheepskin seat covers are able to absorb moisture vapor and release it again if the humidity drops. Sheepskin seat covers dry very fast, which is handy if you get caught in rain.
  • Temperature Regulation
    Sweating is nature’s temperature regulator. The evaporation of liquid from the skin’s surface should produce a cooling effect. Pants hinder this process causing overheating and in the case of biking - Monkey Butt. Since sheepskin can absorb the moisture and transfer vapor it results in a cooling effect.
  • Temperature Control
    Sheepskin's wool fibers have a natural crimp providing insulation and breathability. This keeps you warm when you are cold, and cool when you are hot.
  • Anti-Static
    Sheepskin has the ability to dissipate static electricity.
  • Washable
    Sheepskin is dirt resistant and machine washable which is a must if you are using it outside with dirt and dust.

Video of Monkey Butt Powder

Comical Video

Monkey Butt is a real condition that a lot of bikers experience. In this article we are specifically talking about the benefits of sheepskin seat covers or rugs, but there are other products on the market such as this one "Anti Monkey Butt Powder" that can help reduce your chances of getting this irritating condition while riding. I have even heard of using Baby Powder or Cornstarch, although I would ask around or read reviews before you put anything type of powder in your pants.

Vouch for Sheepskin

Who can vouch for sheepskin? Do you think it works for Monkey Butt?

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What Type of Sheepskin

You do not have to buy sheepskin that is designed specifically for motorcycles to experience the benefits of sheepskin while you ride (although they exist). As long as the sheepskin is genuine, real and natural sheepskin. Fake sheepskin is not going to cut it. Fake sheepskin might look nice on your floor but it won't protect you against riding conditions and irritations.

You can buy a real sheepskin rug and fold it over to comfortably fit underneath your behind. You can also cut the sheepskin rug to fit the exact size of your bike. If you do that you may want to get someone to sew the edges for you.

Where to Buy

You can buy sheepskin covers and rugs many places. They range greatly in cost. Moccasins Canada has a great selection of sheepskin rugs and seat covers that you can use for riding. The sheepskin rugs found on their site is high-quality sheepskin from Canada. You can ask any questions by phone or email regarding their sheepskin products, rugs and seat covers.


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